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Hey there family and friends!

This is the last week I will be in Australia before my team and I head out to East Timor for 4 weeks! We are very excited! We have just found out some of the opportunities we will have while we are there. We will be playing some beach sports with a Christian ministry that serves the deaf, also teaching English for several days to children from the ages of 5-14 and speaking about relational conflicts and resolutions on a local Radio show hosted by YWAM Dili! We will also be serving with a building project in Bahareduk, a village about 3 hrs from Dili, for approximately a week. Our time there will also include evangelism, discipleship, intercession, kids ministry, sharing testimonies and teaching in churches.

From L-R: Myself, Kat (co-leader), Alina, Evelien, Anna, Rachael, Kayla, John, Caleb, Keith and Joel.

From L-R:
Myself, Kat (co-leader), Alina, Evelien, Anna, Rachael, Kayla, John, Caleb, Keith and Joel.


The past weeks since I last wrote to you, have seen the Lord working and moving in marvellous ways here in Toowoomba at the YWAM base. We’ve covered the topics Inductive Biblical Studies, Father Heart of God, Lordship, Stewardship, Biblical Worldview, Missions, Spiritual Gifts, Outreach Prep (cultural differences, team dynamics etc), and Holy Spirit. The Lord has stirred up such a hunger in the students and staff!

Beautiful Toowoomba sunrise!

Beautiful Toowoomba sunrise!

Lordship was such a breakthrough week for many of the students. We had a time of releasing things that they had held onto above the Lord such as family, dreams, money, makeup, clothes, image, comfort food, talents etc. It was beautiful to see such surrender! The next day we actually practiced what had been released by having a school wide giving time. It was crazy! We had many outreach needs and staff fees that we honestly were not expecting to be able to raise that morning. One girl needed over $2,500 for outreach funds and ended up being given over $4,500!!! She ended up giving all the extra to other people and in total we raised over $16,000 and every need was met! We also were able to give and extra $1000 to local ministries that were on our hearts! Along with money, students and staff also gave away a ton of other things to others who were in need or just wanted to bless others. The Lord also put it on many hearts what people held onto physically too much, so to show Him that they were willing to follow Him no matter the cost and that they loved Him that much. Guitars, hats, tons of clothes, shoes, a box drum, rings and tons of other stuff was given away! Everyone got completely blown away by the generosity of each other and the Lord.


Kendra! One of my four girls I mentor! She’s wonderful!

Another week that really stood out was Holy Spirit week! Our speaker was a Pacific Islander from Tonga. He was on fire! With his way of speaking so different (very very islander! He’s awesome!), it was the perfect commissioning week (the last week of lecture phase). About 6 students spoke in tongues for the first time, everyone was baptized in the Spirit! The gifts were all practiced and grown, and everyone was pushed out of their comfort zones to the point of falling into the comforting arms of the Holy Spirit. It’s the best when you realize that no matter how uncomfortable the circumstances around you are, HE is the one that’s supposed to bring us comfort! All 3 of the outreach teams (Malaysia, New Zealand, and East Timor) got prayed for and received prophetic words, and I think everyone is SUPER pumped for what the Lord will do when we are away!


Easterfest being set up!

Easterfest being set up!

Since Lecture Phase finished 2 Fridays ago, we have been volunteering at Easterfest. It’s held at Queen’s Park here in Toowoomba and is the largest Christian music festival in Australia. The park is transforming and it’s been great to be able to hang with Aussie tradies and volunteers from churches around Toowoomba! We’ve set up massive tents, stages, built walls in the Green Room, Lounges, Merch tents, assembled fences around the whole site and parts of the site offlimits, made sandpits, long light strands for tents, created roads throughout the whole place, etc. Everyone is super tired but loving the results. The festival starts this coming Thursday and approximately 10,000 people from all over Australia will be here! It’s also going to be AWESOME because we’ll be doing street ministry all over Toowoomba during the festival, and there are a ton of venues in the city that are all part of Easterfest as well! There is a 72 hour worship even happening at the same time, which both staff and students will take part in. I will playing a worship set with 3 students at the Jesus Tent, an evangelistic, healing, prophetic, supernatural kind of place! It should be radical! The runners of the tent came in and kind of gave us a rundown, and apparently there is crazy Holy Spirit stuff that happens there every year! Booya!


We totally saw a koala just chillin in a tree right next to the YWAM base! He was there for a whole day! So cute. (This is apparently an extremely rare occurrence for our area!)

We totally saw a koala just chillin in a tree right next to the YWAM base! He was there for a whole day! So cute. (This is apparently an extremely rare occurrence for our area!)

Oh oh! Another cool testimony, a few weeks ago the girls from my cabin and I did an overnight prayer time in the lecture hall. It was the first time any of them had every prayed longer than an hour and we went from 11pm-4am. It was indescribable! Jesus totally showed up and we experienced new revelation of the fear of the Lord AND the love of God at the same time! Also, we prayed for the city and for a number of needs in the city and prayer is being answered! We also had a time in my small group of intense prayer and to see these girls’ hearts so passionate for prayer and the Word is melting my heart! I LOVE IT!!! Testimonies of answered prayers from things going on back home, healings, hearing the Lord’s voice more clearly in regard future etc is blowing up! God is on the move!!

Oh oh oh!!! One more!! My one-on-one Sarah and I were taking a walk and she tripped and sprained her ankle! It was incredibly painful and so we sat down and she was crying and couldn’t walk. I prayed for her and then was like “Oh hey how does it feel?” and she said “It still… wait what?!?! I don’t feel anything at all!!!” And it was completely healed as if nothing happened and we walked home. #chea

Financial: If you are interested in supporting me financially, I was able to connect with YWAM Canada and they can and will issue Canadian tax receipts. All you have to do is click on the link below and there are three options If you choose the sending a cheque option, please make it payable to Youth With A Mission and put a separate note on the cheque (such as a sticky note) saying “Hannah Macuzzi, serving with YWAM Toowoomba”. They do not want anything written in the memo section of the cheque

Prayer Points: 

–> Easterfest! That God’s glory will fall on the city of Toowoomba and that MANY would enter the Kingdom!

–> All the outreach teams as we head out next week! (My team leaves April 22) Safe travels and smooth transitions into completely different cultures!

–> Team unity and rest!

–> Unoffendable (made up that word :D) hearts all around!

–> Wisdom for Kat and me as we lead an overseas team for the first time 🙂

–> For the Kingdom of God to manifest wherever we walk


Thank you so much for taking the time to read this! I pray you are blessed and your life enriched by the Spirit of wisdom and revelation. If you have any questions feel free to email me!!

The next update will be after I’m back from outreach! Yip yip!

Much Love,