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Dear family,

News from the past six months (since my last email update! ah!)! 🙂

First off, I had my 25th birthday in July! That was pretty cool. The Lord has shown me how blessed and favoured my life has been as I’ve traveled the world and seen hundreds impacted by the love of the Lord and His Kingdom. My family has also more than doubled in size in the past few years. All my siblings are now married and I have 4 nieces and nephews! Amazing! 🙂

Since I last emailed, we graduated the second DTS that I co-lead! Super excited to hear stories already of how they are impacting the world with the Kingdom of God. 2 of them are actually coming back on staff this July to be on my DTS staff team for the July 2016 DTS.

I also lead a third team to East Timor! It was quite a trip, many testimonies of the Lord’s love and I am really getting good at the Timorese language, Tetun! In the village I was able to communicate quite well and even do some translating! I think my favourite part of going back a third time was seeing relationships grow and the changes God is doing in their lives since my first time being there almost 2 years ago.

Check out these awesome testimonies:


This is Cecilia... She is a wonderful woman who has been on quite the journey since I first met her in April 2014!! She received salvation and physical healing our second time being East Timor April 2015. When I went in October 2015 her face shone the light of the Lord and she has received much healing, emotionally spiritually and physically, and even her husband is on his way to receive Jesus soon, because of her testimony and the joy she has found. What an honour and privilege it's been to go back to see her and see the seeds we planted grow into fruition! Praise the Lord!!

This is Cecilia… She is a wonderful woman who has been on quite the journey since I first met her in April 2014!! She received salvation and physical healing our second time being East Timor April 2015. When I went in October 2015 her face shone the light of the Lord and she has received much healing, emotionally spiritually and physically, and even her husband is on his way to receive Jesus soon, because of her testimony and the joy she has found. What an honour and privilege it’s been to go back to see her and see the seeds we planted grow into fruition! Praise the Lord!!

This is Janelle... She is a beautiful lady who is trying to get on track again in life and while our outreach team was in Darwin in November (Northern Australia) the Lord sent us to her to encourage her and pray for her. The week before she was beaten by her partner and she had two ribs broken, he ended up going to jail. When she met us and told us her story, we shared the gospel and prayed for her and her ribs were healed! Keep praying that she will fully surrender to Him her heart as He continues to chase her.

This is Janelle… She is a beautiful lady who is trying to get on track again in life and while our outreach team was in Darwin in November (Northern Australia) the Lord sent us to her to encourage her and pray for her. The week before she was beaten by her partner and she had two ribs broken, he ended up going to jail. When she met us and told us her story, we shared the gospel and prayed for her and her ribs were healed! Keep praying that she will fully surrender to Him her heart as He continues to chase her.

Also I got to lead these wonderful young people to the Lord at the University in Dili! So honoured and blessed! They were so blessed and were so amazed at the revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ! So hungry!

Also I got to lead these wonderful young people to the Lord at the University in Dili! So honoured and blessed! They were so blessed and were so amazed at the revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ! So hungry!

The Lord provided a way for me to go home to Canada for 5 weeks in in December! It was a most amazing time of being with family and hanging out with my nieces and nephews! I am so thankful for that precious time and love love love that the two older ones can say my name now when I skype them! 😀

Dunn - 2015-262

Dunn - 2015-51








Landon and I are no longer co-leading, he is fully leading this school that just started and I will be leading the July school by myself. This means for the first time in YWAM Toowoomba history I will have a whole 6 months to prepare for the school!

I am currently doing a few different things around the base. I’m in the beginning stages of planning, organising and running the July DTS as I said earlier.

I’m serving on the Leadership Team that meets weekly to discuss staff/student issues, base decisions etc.

I also get to teach! I’ve been teaching the DTS on subjects like Hearing the Voice of God, Worship, Holiness and Fear of the Lord so far.

I also am overseeing staff development and Pastoral Care. I meet with about 5 staff girls bi-weekly and run a small group for the new DTS staff as well. Weekly, I run a staff development session that focuses on Leadership.

I have just recently (in the past couple weeks) begun to serve at at a local church here in Toowoomba as well. I am going to be training and developing the youth in the church in ministry! This involves creating a Youth and Children’s team to volunteer in the Healing Rooms that the church runs, mentoring them weekly, teaching on worship and stuff as well.

This school I won’t be leading an outreach team, but it will allow me to continue to plan the July DTS, serve my church here, and have a bit of a rest after the past 2 full-on years.

I’m very excited about this season! It is a bit weird not being fully involved with the school but I’m loving the change in schedule and being a bit more flexible.



This is Tammy, my car! My church family in Toowoomba blessed me tremendously by giving this beautiful little red car to me! She’s a ’95 and runs like a new one. Only 140,000 clicks on it!! I still cant believe it! In all my almost 26 years I never thought I would ever be able to own a car! The Lord has completely outdone Himself in His faithfulness to me and has challenged me again and again in my misconceptions of receiving and blessings! Thanks Lord!


Thank you so so so much for reading this email and continuing in your prayer support of my adventures with YWAM! I pray you are abundantly blessed and enjoy your day!

Feel free to connect with me via email, facebook or follow me on instagram (hmacuzz). I am not the greatest at responding, but I LOVE hearing from you!!! I promise I read every email I receive 🙂 Now I am working at scheduling in times into my schedule to reply to all of them, so if you’ve sent me an email in the past bit and I haven’t responded yet, don’t worry! An answer is coming! 😀

God bless you!

Lots of love,






Hey there!! 🙂

I am back from 4 1/2 weeks in East Timor and a 1/2 week in Darwin, Australia! So many stories to be had, but I think my favourite part is always watching the students grab hold of the fact they can hear the Lord’s voice, know what He’s saying, and then obey!

Team East Timor

Team East Timor

I also loved going back to a country I’ve grown to love!! I seriously felt like I was coming home. We got to build a house, hold many church services and kids ministry times, build relationships and disciple, evangelize on the streets, in universities and in aboriginal communities, teach English to children and adults, worship and intercede over nations, and boldly proclaim the Kingdom of God to the Timorese people.

10389989_10154115860078475_5127852457312994211_n 10985479_10154083217143475_9435942964602739_n (1)

After we arrived back in Toowoomba, there was a couple more weeks of lecture and local outreach (which included busking/evangelizing!!! That was so fun, I’ve never busked before but it was such a neat way to share the love and light of Christ to people!). The last week Landon (my Co- School Leader) and I shared on debrief and re-entry, as well as both of us taking the time to impart again to the students what a normal Christian life can look like. It was incredible to share with them the power of Grace, which can train us for godliness in this present age! Titus 2:11-15.
I was able to teach a day on Holiness/Sanctification, and he taught on No Compromising. I love love love teaching! I was literally so paralyzed in fear when it came to speaking in public a few years ago, it’s incredible how far the Lord has taken me! I still get nervous, but now it’s so fun and rewarding to see the fruit of what you teach for 5 months displayed in a group of 33 young people who are on FIRE for the Lord and His Kingdom! These guys’s journey has been inspiring and encouraging to me to say the least.

Last Worship Session

Last Worship Session!

Bible Reading, I lead this 30 minute segment 2 mornings a week. We read a portion of scripture for 15 minutes, ponder it for 5, then discuss for 10 :) So much fun!

Bible Reading: I lead this 30 minute segment 2 mornings a week. We read a portion of scripture for 15 minutes, ponder it for 5, then discuss for 10 🙂 So much fun!

On Honouring Night (the night after Graduation), I had the chance to honour the whole school and I cried the whole way through. I had no idea that I would grow so close to these wonderful people or be so proud of them! They have truly laid down their lives for the King and I fully trust the Lord to carry them on until completion. These guys are a different breed of young people than I’ve ever seen. They are on a mission. HIS mission! I’m so excited after having sent them off last week, they get it! They get the fact that we, as followers and disciples of Christ, never turn off. We are always missionaries wherever we go. We are always transforming to look like Christ, never taking a ‘break’ from the tilling, ploughing, weeding, etc of our spiritual gardens. The call to rise up and take up our swords has been shouted from the rooftops and they are off on a mission to live as foreigners to this world, and bring Heaven to earth wherever they go.

Grad night!

Grad night!

I am so fulfilled. I can’t believe how fulfilling it is to watch seeds planted and take root, grow and bear fruit! Discipling is addicting!!! It’s so cool, I’ve been told all my life by that I have a mother’s heart (nurturing, developing and teaching people) and that I would mother nations but I never ever believed/understood it until last Friday. I realized through this school that that is one of my giftings, and I feel so blessed to be able to walk out in that calling! I felt the morning after graduation like a mother about to have an empty nest, I was overwhelmed with fear for their lives and then the Lord reassured me the whole day that He is keeping watch over them and that this is so good for them to go, to take to the world a message it needs to hear!! Woo! I love my job!!!

NEWS about the FUTURE!
I am School Leading this next school that starts in July with Landon. There are 12 students and I will most likely be leading a team of 6 students to East Timor again (3rd time) for 6 weeks with Stu, a student from my last team who is coming back on staff in July.

To give you an idea of what I do around here:

  • Planning, Booking & Facilitating Speaker Sessions
  • Small Groups, One on Ones & Basic Mentoring
  • Facilitating Classroom & Ministry Times
  • Leading Staff & Student Worship
  • Student Song-Writing & Collaboration
  • Teaching, Preaching & Sharing Testimony
  • Planning, Coordinating & Running School Events & Local Outreach Teams
  • Local Evangelism, Youth & Mercy Ministry
  • Planning, Coordinating & Leading Overseas Outreach Teams
  • Student Assessment Development & Implementation
  • Staff Development & Mentorship

Also, if you are interested in supporting me financially, (I will be doing more intentional fundraising in the next few months, especially if I commit to YWAM for a longer term) I am looking to raise funds for a new computer. I have already raised $1,200 of my $1,500 goal through GoFundMe! 🙂 I only need $300 more!

You can go to the GoFundMe page itself to donate:

Or you can donate via PayPal by sending money to

Feel free to connect with me via email, facebook or follow me on instagram (hmacuzz). I am not the greatest at responding, but I LOVE hearing from you!!! I promise I read every email I receive 🙂 Now I am working at scheduling in times into my schedule to reply to all of them, so if you’ve sent me an email in the past bit and I haven’t responded yet, don’t worry! An answer is coming! 😀

God bless you!

Lots of love,


Hello Folks! 🙂

We are just about to start Week #5 here at the YWAM Toowoomba Music & Worship DTS! We’ve had an incredible four weeks, covering the Character and Nature of God, Openness & Brokenness, Spiritual Warfare and Relationships & Identity.

Cacti and Mountain Climbing!


Week #1 was great! We had a great first weekend to orientate them all on life at YWAM Toowoomba. It was Australia Day on that Sunday, so we celebrated it by cooking sausages and kangaroo (not too shabby) and playing cricket! Jason Solari,  director of the Film School at YWAM Brisbane, spoke on the Character and Nature of God and of Hearing God’s voice. He is a great guy that just finished directing and producing an indie film called The Umbrella. One thing that really impacted them was that communication is 93% non-verbal! We did an exercise where we got in groups of two and stared into each others eyes for 2 minutes. We weren’t allowed to laugh or touch our face. It was crazy how much you could communicate!! 🙂 He told a lot of stories as well that encouraged their faith in stepping out, and increased their hunger to know God!


My small group! Made up of my one-on-ones.
L to R: Kendra (Alberta), Sarah (California), myself, Alina (Germany), and Caroline (Brazil)

Week #2 brought in Pablo Nunez, Director of YWAM South Australia. He spoke on Repentance, Openness & Brokenness. He gave the students many opportunities to be vulnerable and receive healing for many things. There was incredible breakthrough! Especially the Thursday night and Friday morning, they broke out into confession and prayer for about 8 hrs! It was beautiful! Many were set free from shame, condemnation, heavy bondage and oppression.

Sitting on the edge of a cliff!

Sitting on the edge of a cliff!

Week #3 Andrew Hooey, a pastor from Toowoomba and founder of Freedom Life Ministries, came and taught about Spiritual Warfare. It was actually quite funny because there was a lot of actual spiritual warfare that surrounded the week. The students were really battling abnormal apathy and sleepiness. By thursday morning small groups, everyone was realizing they were not alone in it so they began to pray and fight! Thursday morning lecture was a like a breath of fresh air and they actually got so much out of it! Not to mention that the practical part of battling in prayer and seeing the heaviness lift off of them was very encouraging. Most of them had not grown up around this kind of teaching, so it was awesome to see them respond with so many questions! By the end of the week, pretty much everyone lost their fear and/or passivity of the demonic realms and received revelation of the authority of Christ and also an awareness that there is much more happening around than we think 🙂

The fearless female staff!

The fearless female staff!

Week #4 an incredibly heavy week! We are still recovering (in a good way) from it! Marty Emmett from YWAM Tauranga NZ spoke on Relationships and Identity! We tackled lies and truths. From 11am-9:30pm Wednesday, and then most of Thursday and Friday morning the students got up on a chair and went through the ‘4 Rs’ – Repentance, Receive (forgiveness), Rebuke (the enemy and thoughts), and Replace (with Truth). Basically they repented for the different lies they’d struggled with, and were set free of more shame, comparison, anger, unworthiness, hopelessness etc. We also spent a lot of time creating a culture of affirmation! Literally spending hours affirming and calling out the gold in each other. This weekend everybody has been kind of walking around in a daze, processing their freedom! It’s great. Literally every single student has overcome numerous issues. All of my one-on-ones have been conquering intense self-identity and fear issues. Watching them step into confidence in their identities as daughters of God has blessed me so much! I love them so much! The Lord has been so good in their lives! I can’t wait to see more!

Tabletop Mountain (it literally looks like a tabletop, there is a picture of this mountain on my last post "Hey from OZ")! We can see this mountain from our base, so we went and climbed it! :)

Tabletop Mountain (it literally looks like a tabletop, there is a picture of this mountain on my last post “Hey from OZ”)! We can see this mountain from our base, so we went and climbed it! 🙂

East Timor!

East Timor!


Outreach! We announced our outreach teams last Sunday! It was hilarious! I am, along with my co-leader Katherine, leading a team to Dili, East Timor (Timor-Leste) April 23-May 23. The first 3 weeks of April we will be working with EasterFest (the music festival I talked about in my last post). We actually will be hosting quite a few of the artists at our YWAM base! So that should be a lot of fun actually! 🙂

We have 9 students on our team.Caleb (Quebec), Joel (Washington State), John (California), Keith (Alberta), Rachael (California), Alina (Germany), Anna (Alberta), Kayla (Michigan) and Evelien (Belgium). We had our first official team meeting on Friday night. It was great, we played a few team-bonding games and we’ve been really praying into our trip! We will be working with the YWAM base in Dili. Teaching English in orphanages and schools, street evangelism, church ministry (dramas, preaching, teaching, worship leading), prayer walking/intercession, lots of kids ministry and some village ministry. We’re so excited to join with what the Lord is doing in East Timor!

Random: This past Thursday our student and staff guys put on a wonderful night for us ladies! It was quite phenomenal actually, most of the girls had never ever been treated with such love and respect by men that when we had our ‘debrief’ (the speaker was training them in how to treat women as part of the ‘Relationships’ part of the week),  most everybody was crying! The guys did all the thinking and planning on their own, and it was a magical night to say the least! They made invitations (beautiful ones!) and hung them on our doors, dressed in black and whites to serve us a 3 course meal they made themselves, had made individual cards for each girl with encouraging words and verses, gave a rose and their arm to lead us to our seats (they even had chosen a guy to be maitre’d), and at the end washed our feet and prayed for us. Oh! And they created a photo booth and fondue party to end the night. Haha! Needless to say, they past the gentleman test with flying colours. The girls were blown away by how much they were enjoying it, and were whole heartedly doing it! And the thought behind it! So much details 🙂 Such a fun time!

Last night we had an open mic night where everyone had to perform originals! This school is FILLED with talent!!!

Myself and Evelien, one of the students on my East Timor outreach team. She is from Belgium! :)

Myself and Evelien, one of the students on my East Timor outreach team. She is from Belgium! 🙂











Financial: If you are interested in supporting me financially, I was able to connect with YWAM Canada and they can and will issue Canadian tax receipts. All you have to do is click on the link below and there are three options :) If you choose the sending a cheque option, please make it payable to Youth With A Mission and put a separate note on the cheque (such as a sticky note) saying “Hannah Macuzzi, serving with YWAM Toowoomba”. They do not want anything written in the memo section of the cheque :)

Prayer Points:

—-> Myself and Kat as we plan and prep for outreach! That we would have the grace and wisdom in what the Lord has for us to do. That we would be able to humbly and wisely lead our students! 

—-> Financial needs to be met within the team for outreach.

—-> Strength and desire for the students to keep pressing in during the remaining lecture weeks.

—-> For God to keep bringing revelation to change hearts and minds of all us!

—-> Unity among the staff team, and the outreach leads!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this! I pray you are blessed and your life enriched by the Spirit of wisdom and revelation. If you have any questions feel free to email me!!

I will keep the updates coming!

Much Love,

Hannah ❤

… Of His Dreams


“We are the music-makers,
And we are the dreamers of dreams,
Wandering by lone sea-breakers,
And sitting by desolate streams.
World-losers and world-forsakers,
Upon whom the pale moon gleams;
Yet we are the movers and shakers,
Of the world forever, it seems.”

— Arthur O’Shaughnessy

This melancholy poem was once the outlook that I had on life, particularly in my own. The nomadic spirit that the Lord has placed on me can occasionally be confused with alienation, isolation, loneliness and a general sense of not belonging anywhere, that is, if perceived through a worldly or non-biblical perspective. It can lead to sadness, depression, self-pity, rejection, and a whole host of other ungodly emotions!

At times, there is this assumption or idea that there is a great cost to being a Mover of the earth and a Shaker of the world. But the more time I spent with my Maker, the more I realized that I was not called to move the earth and shake the world, but He has called me to move His heart. And of course, shaking the earth just so happens to be a natural (or should I say supernatural) by-product of moving His heart.  While this life is not promised to be comfortable, it IS filled with the promise of His abundant love and the love of His people. One thing I’ve learned from world-traveling, is not that I am alone, but that I am in the largest family known to man-kind! Every where I move or go, He is there and so is His body! It is supernatural + phenomenal.

Speaking of moving…. guess what? I’m moving to AUSTRALIA! I know, eh! What?! Haha! Yep, you see, it is a long story. Let’s start where I last left off! In case you missed that, head over to the post titled ‘Surprise’.


Sooo, here goes!

Back in May of 2013, my church offered me a position on their staff. At that time, I had been home for two months and had watched and waited for something. Anything really. It’s very weird for me not to be doing stuff. Lots of stuff. Which, in itself was a lesson straight from the Lord! He started teaching me to live extraordinary in the ordinary. To live loud in the silence. Phewie, that’s a hard one, and boy, am I still learning!

So anyway, back to my church, I accepted the job offer in May and became a temporary Youth Pastor to eight of the coolest kids around. Now, when I said yes, I never ever in a million years saw myself doing the youth pastor thing. I’m not sure why, it was just never on my radar! But I wouldn’t trade these past eight months for anything. I fell in love with my kids! I’ve watched them grow in the Lord, with each other, and in hunger; it’s been awesome. I even got them making music! When we started, there were only two confident musicians. We now have a solid team of two guitars, a piano, a keyboard, an ukelele, a drummer and some nice vocalists! They sound amazing! Honestly, when we started I wasn’t very optimistic, bahaha!

Some of the youth and I at a local outreach! :)

Some of the youth and I at a local outreach! 🙂

I’ve also been in charge of the worship ministry at the church. I’ve done all the logistics, creativity, encouraging, mentoring, facilitating, and communicating. I’ve been able to witness the worship team expand, help leaders grow into their authority and freedom, and experience some beautiful moments with the Lord and our congregation! Watching our unity grow has been wonderful as well!

Tranquil Acres Camping

Tranquil Acres Camping

That same week I was offered the job at the church, I was approached by a woman who owns a trailer/rv camping grounds with her husband. They were getting on in their years and the physical labour was getting to be too much. She asked me if I would like to work for them. They would give me as many or little hours as I needed, and they’d work around my other commitments. They gave me a bike, as it was only about a 25 minute bike ride from my house. And I’d be working outside doing physical labour and the campgrounds were spectacular. Every single thing about this job was an answer to my prayers, and hers! Did I mention one of my prayers was that my bosses would love the Lord? What an answer! She is a mighty prayer warrior, and it often you’d find her lifting up her voice to the Lord! My favourite times were when we would get together and pray for the campground. Such a precious time of learning and being humbled by this woman’s faith! By the end of the season (there are so many crazy God stories involved with this!) all the campers (most were not Christians) were talking about how much joy and life I had and how I brought a smile to their hearts even on their worst day. Ha! I love how the Lord is so evident even when we don’t have a clue! I was just doing my thing, working away! It was like a puzzle and all the pieces were coming together. He is so faithful eh? When we wait on Him? It’s all in His timing! Back to Australia!

That same week as both job offers, I was looking around on different mission sites just for fun. Okay confession: I had the thought “So I’m single, 23 and can go anywhere in the world, literally…” And I ended up on the YWAM page! I randomly looked up “worship staff opportunities” because once you’ve done a DTS you could potentially staff at any of their bases, and there were about a billion different options. I clicked on several but nothing really made me actually interested… that is until I clicked on the YWAM Toowoomba link! Honestly, I had no idea where that even was. Turns out, it’s in Queensland, Australia!



The base runs a Music & Worship Discipleship Training School (DTS). So I submitted a short form of interest to staff there, and was just expecting an automated response with the costs, commitment length etc. Instead, I got this remarkably long, personal email from the Base Director and his wife, explaining the history and heart of the base, their vision (matched up with my passions exactly), and their need for female staff! Especially those with worship leading experience. They answered most of my questions before I even asked them and they even offered to help with my flight there! WHAT! Almost unheard of! So I freaked out. Showed my parents, my church leadership and some friends. Everyone said, “Well Hannah this is pretty much you to a tee. Jesus. Worship. Travel. Disciple. Dance. Pray (they are in the midst of opening a House of Prayer). Music. Missions. Unreached People Groups. Australia. You will kick yourself if you do not consider this opportunity!” So I prayed and prayed, and so did my leadership and my parents etc. I got several confirmations, so I sent in my visa application (ANOTHER ONE! I will probably end up writing a book on visas for missionaries, haha) and waited! Oh! And not to mention, those jobs that the Lord set me up with enabled me to save a good chunk of the costs of going! Being on staff with YWAM is basically being a full-time missionary, and we have to raise our own support and such. I finished the campground job in November and heard from Immigration a couple of weeks after that, and it’s official! The Australian government granted me a 12 month visa! I am finishing up at the church the 5th, and I will be heading to Toowooomba on January 8th. My director even gave me an extra week because he found out both my sisters are due to have their babies within then next couple weeks! So awesome! Praise the Lord! So, I’ve got a billion other testimonies from these past 9 months being home. But needless to say, the Lord has been at work since day one. Even that day where I the U.S. sent me home and I had no idea what the future would hold! It was all a part of His plan… who knew that it would turn out THIS cool? I never ever thought I would go to Australia. And now, here I am, moving there.

If you are interested in more details of what my mission will actually look like, stay tuned for another post in the near future. Or email me at

Or message me on facebook!

Lots of love,
Hannah ❤

Little sister got married in January, both big and little sisters got pregnant in March (both due in about a week), and older brother got married in August! :)

Little sister got married in January, both big and little sisters got pregnant in March (both due in about a week), and older brother got married in August! 🙂

While talking with a friend about to embark on World Race (An 11 month missions trip to 11 different countries), I decided to give her some tips that I’ve learned through personal experience and hanging out with Jesus a lot. These are very random and off the top of my head, but I realized after that they are actually very key and vital points for life in general, along with foreign missions. So I figured, why not share ’em?? 😀 Enjoy!
1. Hold onto the beatitudes like they are your life.
2. Always go to the Lord first with any emotion you are feeling and see if they are in line with His.
3. Put others before yourself.
4. Let things slide even if they bother you… most of the time offence is unnecessary because the offending person is usually not doing it personally but is going through something themself and they are insecure/defending/or just plain ignorant that whatever it was would offend you.
5. We all have had incredibly different pasts, and reactions will vary depending on who is in what situation, so ask for a lot of grace because there will probably be reactions that you don’t agree with.
6. Always consult the Holy Spirit in every circumstance and situation.
7. Don’t let circumstances control your emotions, or your emotions to control your circumstances.
8. Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.
9. For suffering/trials/tribulation/persecution (of any kind)… have the mindset that to be counted worthy of that, is an incredibly high honour, and to share in Christ’s sufferings will bring beautiful amounts of intimacy.
10. Honour honour honour honour everyone around you.
11. Do words of life (encouragement) for the whole team as often as possible.
12. Be open and willing to try/do anything.
(unless it is sinful hahahha)
13. Enjoy every second and put your whole being into every second because 11 months is actually very short!
14. If there is ever a time that you don’t want to do ministry or something that you know you should, do it anyways because you are not there for you. You are there for the Lord, the people on your team, and the people you are ministering too.
15. Read your bible
16. Worship together as a team often.
17. Go deep with each other, it is so easy to just stay surfacey/do life together and you will regret it not having found out everything you can about each other!
18. Look at situations from above, not at the same level or below.
19. There is always something deeper happening than you think.
21. Learn them correctly and you will love life.
22. Bring hand sanitizer everywhere.
23. Don’t talk to foreign men alone or consistently, they will think you love them and want to get married asap.
24. Learn as many languages as you can, as much as you can!
25. Do language games with the kids, it’s hilarious and you will learn really quick.
26. Learn people’s names and say them often in your conversations.
27. Bring your burdens (especially the ones for other people) before the Lord, and leave them there.
28. Walk in holiness (by the Spirit, not the flesh) because – ‘He stores up sound wisdom for the upright. He is a shield to those who walk in integrity.” Prov 2:7
Added #29. Holy Spirit’s other name is Teacher, so take advantage of it! He is a very gracious (praise the Lord) and good one at that! Phewie!
Welp, that’s all I got for now!!!! Hope that made sense and such :))) God Bless! OH and I’m planning on writing an update on what I’ve been doing with my life for the past several months soon!! Stay tuned!Image

DSC_0010 I am sitting here, honestly not really knowing what to write. BUT, I owe it to everybody to give this last update (not that I’ve died, but well, you’ll see). It doesn’t quite seem real to me. My surroundings at this present time are so familiar, yet so foreign. I must say, I never thought I would say this, that Canada is somewhat foreign to me! But no worries, because as you may or may not have guessed, I’m back! I will be fully Canadian again shortly. Yes, I, Hannah Elizabeth Macuzzi, world-traveler extraordinaire, am sitting in my childhood bedroom. I am chillin (literally!, it’s about 30 or 40 degrees colder up here), with my very own mother sitting downstairs on her favourite chair.

Yep. I was de-nied. Coool story though. I honestly didn’t really see it coming, and I think that was the Lord’s mercy because if I had, I would not have dug so deeply where I was at, nor would I have been able to have been so focused on discipling and my leadership role in the worship aspect of the Dream Center and school. I was able to assist in getting our School of Worship up off the ground! By the time I left, I was pretty much co-running it. Which is so cool, because when I first applied to the school, I thought it was a worship school! It wasn’t, but only God knew that there would be one in the future and He used me to help start it!

Anyways, so I got the denial notice in the mail on February 15th. It was a denial, but they gave me the opportunity to appeal the decision at the cost of $630 within 30 days. Also, I had a friend who was contacting senators and congressman for me. So, at that point I thought something was going to work out so I could stay. I spent 3 weeks trying to contact my lawyer. When I finally got in contact with her, she was not in favour of appealing because we had no new information and the reason they denied me was not technically appealable. So, I contacted my friend and told him I had about a week to get out of the country unless he had some news. He hadn’t had enough time to get any answers or help. Sooo, it just so happens that after I contacted my mom saying I needed to get out of the country in a week, my brother was in Ohio and I had exactly $200 from Christmas that I don’t even know why I hadn’t spent, and it was exactly $200 in gas to get up to Ohio from Atlanta. I had 3 of my schoolmates offer to drive me up and meet him.

Few strange ‘coincidences’ (?maybenot?), my American phone permanently died that week, and my one-time-only extended driver’s licence expired in a couple weeks. And any other way of transportation would have cost more than the $200 I had. ? Hmm interesting!

So I on Wednesday March 6, 2013 I found out I had to leave on Saturday March 9, 2013. Talk about a sudden change of plans! Haha, well for me, but obviously not for the Lord. That last week I was also extremely busy, because the Worship Director was out of the country on a mission’s trip and I was running it. I also had to pack my life, and say goodbye to as many of my Atlantian family as I could. Unfortunately, in the 4 days I had, I couldn’t say goodbye to everyone, and a lot of the school was away on ministry trips. And I couldn’t say goodbye to my block that I pastor, or a lot of the Dream Center church members that I was close with. Probably the hardest, most emotionally heart breaking week of my life! Haha and I was heading straight into the UNKNOWN. Probably the scariest place that exists, unless you know the Father. Which, Praise God, I do 🙂

Really cool testimony… There was so much going on last week, and I told the Lord “Lord, I will have absolutely no closure! It’s so fast and I don’t really have anything at home for me to do, what do I do??! I’m gonna leave and my heart will be left there because no one had time to give it back to me!” …. But because the Lord is completely faithful, and loving, He made sure that every student that was there encouraged me, loved on me, and sent me off. They rallied around and just poured out blessing on my life. I received so many words of life, prophetic encouragements, and hugs and testimonies of how the Lord used me, I had no doubts in my mind that the past years were in vain (stinkin enemy and his lies!) or that I went through that immigration process for nothing. The Lord was able to use His life in me to even effect and help transform the students that just came in January! I had no idea that I was such an influence until last week! Haha 🙂 It was a blessing to see how many lives the Lord touched.

Seriously, without Him in me, I’ve realized that I’m a wreck. I got to teach/share with the School of Worship my last day there, about how I am still able to have joy and peace in the midst of trials and suffering. How I can be super sad, but yet supernaturally joyful at the same time! It was so cool to see that the Lord’s testimony in my life really does reveal Himself. Which is my goal! I just want people to see Jesus! I want them to know Him! I want His essence to be out rayed from my life (His glory to be revealed).

1 Peter 4: 12-13 Beloved, do not be surprised at the fiery trial when it comes upon you to test you, as though something strange were happening to you. But rejoice insofar as you share Christ’s sufferings, that you may also rejoice and be glad when his glory is revealed.

I love His faithfulness! Intimacy comes from brokenness. It’s precious!! I wouldn’t trade this pain for anything, because I know His love so much more because of it. He is my Daddy, and Holy Spirit’s other name is Comforter! Praise God!! What kind of God is this that comforts His people? My God, that’s who!! I am also so excited because through this time, He has spoken to me in numerous ways that He IS in control, despite the fact that I am so out of control. Actually, funny, He told me that in His grace and mercy He pushed me off the edge because I was taking too long to jump 😛 Haha! Someone also told me that same day that she felt like the Lord was taking me out of my comfort zone and pushing me onward so that I could lean on Him alone again (funny part is that I had JUST gotten comfortable, haha He moves fast!!).

So I hope this made at least a little sense, it jumps around a lot partially because I’m still in shock and I’ve realized I’m in somewhat of a mourning state (not depressed though, don’t worry). And I have less of a clue as to what is happening than you do 😛

Until I figure it out, my ears and eyes are open and ready to go forth into the next phase of my adventure with Him. I’m kind of liking the resting and just hanging out with Him portion though too, not gonna lie. His lap is really peaceful 🙂

Love, grace and peace to you from our Lord Jesus Christ,

Until next time,


I just wanted to update you guys on my life after I shared my heart 🙂 Haha! So I am currently awaiting the results of visa application. I just completed the most recent step called the Request For Evidence. It should be about a month when I find out whether I’m accepted or not! 🙂 Cool testimony, I got a lawyer!! A couple of my friends from here were trying to help me with my paper work last month (my deadline for the Evidence was last week) and we decided that we couldn’t get any where without a bit of professional help so they started calling lawyers to see if we could get a consultation. They called different ones for a couple weeks and got nowhere. Just when they were about to give up. a lawyer by the name of Lucy Lu (fancy that! :D) answered and decided to give us a free consultation out of the kindness in her heart! She was fully aware that we most likely were not able to afford her services but she was willing to answer questions about my status! So we went to the meeting and the Lord set it up so Pastor Dan (who knows my situation and is very good with words, Gracia (my friend who is familiar with immigration), and Brian (my friend who just in general is very smart and has worked with lawyers before) went with me. I really wasn’t even nervous cuz it felt like I had an army with me! 🙂 It turned out that she was super nice and actually really really cared about her job and clients. She kind of told us what we needed and said basically we could possibly do it without a lawyer but it would be very difficult and a lawyer would help make sure everything is consistent and all the Ts are crossed and the Is are dotted. So we asked her price and she said normally she charges 2000 (which is normal for all immigration lawyers). BUT she really loved the ministries we do and she said she really wanted to help us continue helping people in Atlanta so she lowered her price to 1000. Pastor Dan and I talked about it for a bit and then we prayed and all of us felt the Holy Spirit literally smile, so when she came back in the room we said yes! Then she said she had been thinking while she was out of the room and she felt moved for some reason to lower it again to 750!! The Spirit was so in the room and we all for reals got tears in our eyes 🙂 Her office took care of all my paperwork, and I got everything i needed. There’s actually a lot more cool little testimonies that happened later the last few weeks, but that was the biggest one! So now we’re just waiting again! 🙂 She also offered to help Pastor Dan get a J-1 status so we can get more foreign students on a cultural exchange program for a reduced fee as well!

God is so worthy of our love. Oh man, He is so faithful and beautiful and amazing! How can I not respond in obedience?? It’s His love language after all! He is teaching me that to love Him is to obey Him. It becomes a joy to love Him back. He loves me so much and constantly is proving it in so many ways that I can’t handle it! I want to explode with wonder and awe and excitement at the ways He loves. Phew!! God is seriously the best Lover ever ever ever! Last week, my heart got pretty hurt, but the SAME DAY God proclaimed who He made me and why He loved me over and over again in unusual ways and He healed me the same day. I serve a tender and personal God. Everyday I get overwhelmed by Him. I want you to know Him like I do! 🙂 You would never go a day without remembering His goodness and thanking Him. You move His heart. Let Him move yours!

Ephesians 3:16-19
I pray that out of his glorious riches he may strengthen you with power through his Spirit in your inner being, so that
Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith. And I pray that you, being rooted and established in love, may have
power, together with all the saints, to grasp how wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ, and to know
this love that surpasses knowledge – that you may be filled to the measure of all the fullness of God.

God is moving in the Atlanta area like crazy! He is showing up in power and might and His glory is becoming known throughout the nations. He has placed a burning desire for intimacy in our hearts and a cry of intercession that He would move and awaken His Bride in the earth. It’s happening! I’ve seen unbelievers come to a worship service and get saved just because His presence was so thick. I’ve seen chains fall off people when they encounter the Person of Christ as His body loves. I’ve seen people receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit just because He decided to move, no one even prayed over them! I’ve seen healings, and demons casted out! He is moving, and I am so excited! God will move when His people pray and catch His vision and will. Everytime we pray for His will He is DELIGHTED to answer! Let Your Kingdom come and Your Will be done Lord here on earth as it is in Heaven! Let heaven come!!!!

I am a full time missionary in Atlanta, Georgia in the Old Fourth Ward downtown. I am also a 3rd year in the Atlanta Dream Center School of Ministry, which includes attending 4 undergrad theology classes a week, doing group and personal projects in the Word and in general gathering oil. I am also assisting the director of the new School of Worship that just started in September. And I also am leading or helping lead worship sets 4-5 times a week. I co-head up an outreach on wednesday nights called Worship On the Streets where we take groups into different parts of Atlanta, whether a park or a homeless shelter or literally a random street corner or really anywhere that needs the atmosphere of God. And we worship the King and lift His name up above every dark name in that specific spot. And I’m discipling/counseling/advising/listening/loving on everybody around me basically all the time. It’s awesome! The love He pours out on me is so I can pour it out on others 🙂

I miss you guys so much! Thank you for reading these updates 🙂 And for being interested in what God is doing in and through His Spirit in me! I would love to hear from you, what God is doing in your life or testimonies or anything that’s on your heart! My email address is and my address is

444 Highland Ave NE

Suite #514

Atlanta, GA


If you would like to help support me prayer wise that would be epic! Pray that God continues to take me out of my comfort zone and I follow His lead and Spirit at all times 🙂 And that His Life would be reproduced everywhere I go, and that His will would happen with this Visa at all costs.

If you would like to financially support me, that would be appreciated as well! 🙂 Pray about it and do as He leads. If you have any questions about what I am doing, please contact me! I need about $1200 for this years costs. I’ve also been praying about going to Brazil in February to minister at the Carnival! 🙂

Currently the only way is to send a cheque/check in the mail made out to Atlanta Dream Center School of Ministry Master’s Commission (or ATLDCSOMMC) with Hannah Macuzzi in the Memo to this address

P.O. Box 54537

Atlanta, GA


I’m sorry if that is inconvenient :)) I’m hoping to be able to use a paypal account soon so you can do it online if you would like!

Thank you so much!!! I hope you are encouraged by the Lord from reading this, and I pray He blesses you abundantly!

Lots of love,

Hannah ❤