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Hey Guys!

So excited to share with you some photos of the past few months with YWAM Toowoomba! I’ve just finished leading my 4th DTS! So rewarding and I absolutely loved watching our 21 students from different nations grow in their walk with God, people, and themselves! There were salvations, baptisms, miracles (quite a few healings among the students! and salvations & healings in town and on overseas outreach), spiritual gifts received, heart changes, mind changes etc. etc. It was so sad to see the students leave last month, but also an amazing testimony to how God works! He is a sending God 🙂

Here are some pictures!


Pastor Dan (he is the director of the Atlanta Dream Center School Of Ministry I went to for three years) came to Toowoomba from Atlanta for the second time to teach the DTS on Lordship & Fear of the Lord. A powerful week, and such an honour to host him again!


I help lead worship at a city/church-wide worship evening that has a heart to worship & intercede over and for the city of Toowoomba. I love it and I’m so blessed to part of such a fun and beautiful night a couple times a month! 


I had the incredible privilege of helping baptize heaps of students! I love baptisms, it’s probably one of my favourite parts of a DTS 🙂 And seeing how powerful it is every time! Students are never the same again! 


I had the privilege to lead worship for a massive conference this school! The conference was a week long and there 6 YWAM bases that were there. Over 300 people on some nights! It was a powerful week focused on Prayer & Missions and marrying the two. Intimacy breeds proclamation! The students (and us staff too!) fell in love with prayer and the presence of God. We had overnight prayer happening and myself and several of our students joined in and sacrificed sleep but had a wonderful time interceding for Australia and the world!


We had a festival in the city on Easter Weekend and it was so fun to minister to the city through music & the love of Jesus. Myself and my friend Tori got to perform 3 sets in a cafe, and on stage at a couple markets!


I visited Hong Kong, and Lio for a few weeks! 😀 this is our first real pic as a couple haha ❤ 


This is a shot I took of an evangelism time we did while in Hong Kong. Tons of people were watching the performances and hearing the gospel!


YWAM Toowoomba held a fundraise to raise $1500 to get a child of the streets and out of the sex trade. We had a successful night & we’ve been able to get 7 (I think even in the past couple weeks we got another 2 as well!) kids off the streets in Thailand & Cambodia. Praise God!


This is the day we finished our Debrief & Reentry week with the school and as staff we surrounded the students and prayed & commissioned back to their homes, mission fields & beyond! 🙂


Isaac Peltz! I’ve known Isaac since he was born, he’s my little brother’s best friend! It’s incredible to have seen and been a part of the way God moved in his life and the transformation he experienced! SO thankful to have family here with me! He graduated DTS at the beginning of June and he is now on staff here!


This is the 4th DTS that I’ve lead, on the night they all graduated. 🙂 And the 7th one I’ve been a part of total! In a row! Haha time flies when you’re having fun!! Another group of arrows being sent out to continue growing in Jesus and impacting & influencing the Nations for the Gospel of Christ. After 3 and 1/2 years I’ve been able to be apart of over 160 young adults discipleship journey, and see so many of their salvations, transformations, baptisms in water & in the Spirit, first times preaching, first times evangelizing etc etc etc AHHH SO INCREDIBLE!!! I love what the Lord continues to do over and over, it blows my mind!


Thank you so much for continuing to be a part of what God is doing over here in Toowoomba! God is doing amazing things in this city, and in the countries we continuously go to (Hong Kong, Thailand, Cambodia, East Timor, greater Australia, Fiji etc). Toowoomba’s art & music community is on fire, and our base has had a huge rule in that! So great to see our staff & students connecting with local artists, and we run events (one of them is called Campfire Sessions) in the city that celebrate artists and minister to them the love of Christ and give them opportunity to play music & do art. We’ve seen so much fruit (artists encouraged, artists seeing Christ, artists experiencing hope and empowerment, instead of depression, comparison, negativity, etc) in the past year as we’ve stepped out as a base in what God has called us to! GOD is a creator, it’s in His nature to create, so it’s in ours as well. We want to change the culture of Toowoomba into the Kingdom Culture through our art :).

These next few months I am going to be:

  • running our Immigration department
  • helping with accounts & facilities
  • on the Leadership Team
  • helping lead worship in town at different events and at church
  • teaching on the DTS (on worship leading for an evening, and the Lordship of Christ & Surrender for several days)
  • & our staff internship (things like integrity in leadership)
  • helping pioneering our base’s Worship & Prayer ministry project (aiming to encourage and engage people in a culture of worship & prayer, training on how to do that, equipping local churches and abroad in the areas of prayer & worship in their context etc)
  • and hopefully formulating a Worship Leaders conference/seminar that we can do cross-culturally, either overseas or here in Australia!

So I’m taking a bit of a break from leading DTS’s and I’m excited to see what God has in store 🙂

Thank you so much for staying with me and reading this! ❤

Prayer Requests:

  1. For full restoration of health (I’ve been quite sick for the past few weeks, but now I’m on the mend and almost better!
  2. For creativity and heavenly wisdom as I pioneer this new ministry.
  3. For rest, refocus, & new passion as I enter this new season, I think I got quite sick because I’ve been carrying a lot for a long time, and I need to really focus on building intimacy with Jesus, and reassessing my heart and motivation in ministry etc. 
  4. For my car! It’s really struggling and in order to do a lot of the ministry I do, I really need it. There’s a repair that costs about $400 in order to get it running again 😦
  5. For the times I’ll be teaching, that I would have His words!
  6. For the Lord to continue using me in whatever ways He can!


Thank you so so so much for reading this email and continuing in your prayer support of my adventures with YWAM! I pray you are abundantly blessed and enjoy your day!

Feel free to connect with me via email, facebook or follow me on instagram (hmacuzz). I LOVE hearing from you!!! I promise I read everything I receive 🙂

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These funds raised will help me continue discipling the next generation of fearless world-wide missionaries and sending them out the nations. It will also help me keep my car on the road and pay for food & rent at the YWAM base 🙂

Blessings! ♥






Dear Family,

Some news from the past few months as I’ve been serving with Youth With A Mission Toowoomba (Australia) 🙂

First off, I had my 26th birthday last July!

July- December I lead my first school on my own (previously I’ve co-lead a couple schools in 2015). This was an incredible experience! They graduated (pictured above) mid-December 2016. I had a team of 4 staff , and we had 13 students from America, Canada & New Zealand. I am so honoured and privileged to have been apart of their training and I’m pleased to say that there was much transformation and many lives transformed through them all on outreach. Here’s an incredible story of one my students: She came into the school unsure of who God was, incredibly insecure and unable to trust people or Jesus, and held back by shame & fear. By the end of DTS, she had laid down the need for comfort from things like food, blankets, make-up, also fear of man, comparison, and complacency in her faith. She picked up things like comfort from the Lord, security in her identity as a daughter of Father, genuine love for others, passion,  standing agains the enemy on the Word of Truth, and also a love for intercession! On Outreach I saw her push through so many things and she became a major force of reckoning to the people of Hong Kong and our team as she learned not to be controlled by her feelings or circumstances, but by the Word of the Lord and Holy Spirit. I am so proud of her! She is now continuing walking in the things she’s learned, even at home when things aren’t easy and she is seeking support, the Lord and the Kingdom. So good! Ah!

One of my favourite parts of the School was getting to teach an entire week on the Lordship of Christ. I covered things like who is the Messiah/Christ? What was His purpose? What’s the Gospel? What is true surrender, and what does it look like to live a life surrendered to Jesus reign? What’s holiness? What is our purpose? Why do we need to obey the Lord? It was a powerful week where I stepped out in teaching and in faith as well. The end of the week we had a challenging time of practical surrender and prayer for each other 🙂 Everyone had the chance to pray and ask the Lord about things that we hold onto and give them up at the cross. Then the next day we had a debrief time where we discussed how we walked out in those things practically, and everyone had a story where they were tempted to worry or think about things the same way as before but then dealt with it differently this time! Whether it was to go to someone and ask for prayer to overcome, or to say the truth out loud, or to practically share with someone about Jesus (if they were afraid to do that before) etc. So amazing!

The timing of that week was quite crucial to some, one of the girls found out her mother had cancer & parents were getting divorced, and another girl found out her friend had passed away. There were many tears, but it really moved me to see them go to the Lord straight away and to give them their burdens, and as well for the whole school to grow in relationship & vulnerability with each other. We prayed and ministered with these girls, and the Father really came with peace & hope in the midst of their pain as they gave it all up to Him.

This was a pile of things that we as a class surrendered to the Lord. Wallets to represent finances, passports to represent citizenship, mirrors to represent self image, watches to represent time, pillows to represent comfort, pictures of family etc.

Myself and another girl on staff lead half the students to Hong Kong, and the other half went with another couple leaders to East Timor. We had an amaaazing time on outreach in Hong Kong working with YWAM Harbour City up in the Northern Territory.

So many stories I could tell again! 🙂 I think one of my favourites was working with a ministry called Shanti Ministries. It’s a Christian Tutoring ministry that works with about 20 Muslim, Buddhist & Hindu school children and tutors them in maths, Chinese, & English. They have volunteer Chinese teachers come in, and once the kids have done their homework, they go into another room and learn about Jesus! We got to work with these kids twice a week for over a month, and really fell in love with all of them. Jesus is moving in their lives and touching their families as well. I was talking with one of the kids, he’s about 12 years old and is from Pakistan. Every day after school he comes to Shanti for a couple hours, is surrounded by love, encouragement and the Lord, and then he goes to a mosque for a couple hours and is surrounded by fear, anger & hopelessness. I was challenged by the amount of wisdom he carried and the pure heart he had, and how even though he was very young could really see the spiritual battle that he and his family is in. I was able to pray for him and prophesy over him, and I continue to pray for him and his family.

Another really cool aspect of our outreach was the amount of intercession & worship we did over the city of Hong Kong & the village the YWAM base is in. We engaged in spiritual warfare by declaring the praises of our King in some of the darkest spiritual places around. We carried around our guitar everywhere and I loved getting to feel atmospheres shift as the place was taken for Holy Ground by a bunch of young Jesus lovers! 😀

We got to also work in a public primary school several times a week teaching English! It’s also completely legal to talk about Jesus there, so we shared taught the kids worship songs and encouraged them to get along and work hard gave them notes about Jesus. These kids were mainly Muslim & Buddhist! Such an incredible opportunity.

I am so overwhelmed by how God strategically had us ministering to mostly young people from the ages of 2- 20. I got so convicted that these kids are SO KEY to revival in Asia! The enemy is trying his utmost best to destroy their lives, suicide rates in kids from 10-18 in Hong Kong, Japan, & China are unreal! We felt a real burden to reach out to these kids and impart JOY and HOPE through Jesus. That was our main focus while we were there. When we would evangelise & worship on the streets we always felt to go counter-culture and sing joyful songs and dance. Haha so fun, and people were really drawn to that, because joy and peace are so evidently missing in that city. Pray for Hong Kong!

My team and some of the amazing youth we got to hang out with! 🙂

Worshiping on the streets!

Shanti Ministries! 

Gospel Drama on streets

I was hugely blessed by an opportunity to go to China for the day! 🙂 I left my team in the capable hands of the other leader and traveled to Shenzhen with a couple girls from the base in Hong Kong. Stepping over the border I immediately felt so much joy and peace and confirmation about the potential future opportunities there!

These are a few girls from the High School that we went to a few times! It was amazing, we shared our testimonies, talked about Jesus and sang quite a few worship & pop songs. Such an amazing opportunity and because of this several of the girls from the school went to church with us and heard the gospel even more clearly.

I’m currently co-leading this DTS which started about 4 weeks ago. There are 21 students from America, Canada, Australia, Switzerland, Germany, England and the Netherlands. One of the students I’ve actually known since he was born! It’s been amazing to help disciple him and hear all the revelations that are challenging and growing him.

I’m serving on the Leadership Team that meets weekly to discuss staff/student issues, base decisions etc.

I also get to teach! I’ve been teaching the DTS on subjects like Worship Leading, Worship & Praise, Bible studying, Missions & Cultural Awareness.

I also am overseeing staff development and Pastoral Care. I meet with about 3 staff girls weekly. Weekly, I run a staff development session that focuses on Leadership Development.

I also serve at a local church here in Toowoomba as well. I am running a Young Adults group with about 7 local young adults from Toowoomba! I love them all, so fun!

Here’s a picture of a few of them 🙂 So excited to keep seeing them grow and challenged in the Lord.

This school I won’t be leading an outreach team, but I’m hoping to go to Hong Kong again at the end of April with another staff member to scout out a potential future music & worship partnership between our two bases.

Thank you so so so much for reading this email and continuing in your prayer support of my adventures with YWAM! I pray you are abundantly blessed and enjoy your day!

Feel free to connect with me via email, facebook or follow me on instagram (hmacuzz). I am not the greatest at responding, but I LOVE hearing from you!!! I promise I read every email I receive 🙂 Now I am working at scheduling in times into my schedule to reply to all of them, so if you’ve sent me an email in the past bit and I haven’t responded yet, don’t worry! An answer is coming!

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God bless you!

Lots of love,


Hey family!

Been awhile since I’ve updated but since March, it’s been amazing to see the students’ growth and love for outreach! I was able to have the privilege of teaching a whole week on the topic of Missions. It was incredible and I never would have imagined myself speaking to a classroom of over 40 people for an entire week!! It ended up being so inspiring and I covered things like, God being a missional God, an overview of missions in the Word, what is missions?, who does missions?, why do we do missions?, mission is actually our main reason for being on the planet, the 10/40 window, 1st world missions, martydom, the worth of the Gospel etc, cross-cultural awareness, and at the end we had a time of 3 hours of worship and intense commissioning and saying yes to God’s call on everyone, to be a part of His mission. It was amazing! I was so amazed at what the Lord did in everyone’s hearts and how He used me to express Himself to His kids.

Right after that week, all the outreach teams left for Fiji, Thailand and Cambodia!

While the outreach teams have been away, I’ve been working hard planning for the Discipleship Training School in July that I’ll be leading! 🙂 Booking speakers in and their airfare, planning the weekly, master, & event schedule, praying, processing student applications, choosing outreach locations (another possibility of me going to Hong Kong in October!) and much much more keeps me busy! 🙂 I’m getting so excited, albeit a bit nervous, to try this out on my own with the Lord! I have a staff team of 4 and already 12 students fully accepted. It’s looking like there could be upwards of 14-20 students by the time the school starts at the end of July.

I’ve also been ministering on a team in our city’s Healing Rooms, teaching Sunday School, leading worship at different events and churches, attending our Christian Leadership Network meetings, starting a Young Adults group, mentoring a few different young ladies in the city and leading our staff team of about 10 that has stayed back in Toowoomba to do ministry here.

It’s been full on! I would love prayer for sanity and rest in the midst of the business of life, that I would have the wisdom to really continue to encounter God and treasure quiet moments with Him, and that I would be growing in my confidence to lead this school without a co-leader (I’ve been a bit nervous about that!), that things would come together planning-wise, and that I would be very in tune with the Lord with what He is planning these next 6 months!

Thanks so much! Love you all!

P.s. The pictures are of the Young Adults Group that I’m leading here in town (there are about 8 all together, 4 pictured), a little glimpse into some of my schedules/calendars for planning this DTS, and a bunch of pictures from the last time I went to East Timor! 🙂

Hey there!! 🙂

I am back from 4 1/2 weeks in East Timor and a 1/2 week in Darwin, Australia! So many stories to be had, but I think my favourite part is always watching the students grab hold of the fact they can hear the Lord’s voice, know what He’s saying, and then obey!

Team East Timor

Team East Timor

I also loved going back to a country I’ve grown to love!! I seriously felt like I was coming home. We got to build a house, hold many church services and kids ministry times, build relationships and disciple, evangelize on the streets, in universities and in aboriginal communities, teach English to children and adults, worship and intercede over nations, and boldly proclaim the Kingdom of God to the Timorese people.

10389989_10154115860078475_5127852457312994211_n 10985479_10154083217143475_9435942964602739_n (1)

After we arrived back in Toowoomba, there was a couple more weeks of lecture and local outreach (which included busking/evangelizing!!! That was so fun, I’ve never busked before but it was such a neat way to share the love and light of Christ to people!). The last week Landon (my Co- School Leader) and I shared on debrief and re-entry, as well as both of us taking the time to impart again to the students what a normal Christian life can look like. It was incredible to share with them the power of Grace, which can train us for godliness in this present age! Titus 2:11-15.
I was able to teach a day on Holiness/Sanctification, and he taught on No Compromising. I love love love teaching! I was literally so paralyzed in fear when it came to speaking in public a few years ago, it’s incredible how far the Lord has taken me! I still get nervous, but now it’s so fun and rewarding to see the fruit of what you teach for 5 months displayed in a group of 33 young people who are on FIRE for the Lord and His Kingdom! These guys’s journey has been inspiring and encouraging to me to say the least.

Last Worship Session

Last Worship Session!

Bible Reading, I lead this 30 minute segment 2 mornings a week. We read a portion of scripture for 15 minutes, ponder it for 5, then discuss for 10 :) So much fun!

Bible Reading: I lead this 30 minute segment 2 mornings a week. We read a portion of scripture for 15 minutes, ponder it for 5, then discuss for 10 🙂 So much fun!

On Honouring Night (the night after Graduation), I had the chance to honour the whole school and I cried the whole way through. I had no idea that I would grow so close to these wonderful people or be so proud of them! They have truly laid down their lives for the King and I fully trust the Lord to carry them on until completion. These guys are a different breed of young people than I’ve ever seen. They are on a mission. HIS mission! I’m so excited after having sent them off last week, they get it! They get the fact that we, as followers and disciples of Christ, never turn off. We are always missionaries wherever we go. We are always transforming to look like Christ, never taking a ‘break’ from the tilling, ploughing, weeding, etc of our spiritual gardens. The call to rise up and take up our swords has been shouted from the rooftops and they are off on a mission to live as foreigners to this world, and bring Heaven to earth wherever they go.

Grad night!

Grad night!

I am so fulfilled. I can’t believe how fulfilling it is to watch seeds planted and take root, grow and bear fruit! Discipling is addicting!!! It’s so cool, I’ve been told all my life by that I have a mother’s heart (nurturing, developing and teaching people) and that I would mother nations but I never ever believed/understood it until last Friday. I realized through this school that that is one of my giftings, and I feel so blessed to be able to walk out in that calling! I felt the morning after graduation like a mother about to have an empty nest, I was overwhelmed with fear for their lives and then the Lord reassured me the whole day that He is keeping watch over them and that this is so good for them to go, to take to the world a message it needs to hear!! Woo! I love my job!!!

NEWS about the FUTURE!
I am School Leading this next school that starts in July with Landon. There are 12 students and I will most likely be leading a team of 6 students to East Timor again (3rd time) for 6 weeks with Stu, a student from my last team who is coming back on staff in July.

To give you an idea of what I do around here:

  • Planning, Booking & Facilitating Speaker Sessions
  • Small Groups, One on Ones & Basic Mentoring
  • Facilitating Classroom & Ministry Times
  • Leading Staff & Student Worship
  • Student Song-Writing & Collaboration
  • Teaching, Preaching & Sharing Testimony
  • Planning, Coordinating & Running School Events & Local Outreach Teams
  • Local Evangelism, Youth & Mercy Ministry
  • Planning, Coordinating & Leading Overseas Outreach Teams
  • Student Assessment Development & Implementation
  • Staff Development & Mentorship

Also, if you are interested in supporting me financially, (I will be doing more intentional fundraising in the next few months, especially if I commit to YWAM for a longer term) I am looking to raise funds for a new computer. I have already raised $1,200 of my $1,500 goal through GoFundMe! 🙂 I only need $300 more!

You can go to the GoFundMe page itself to donate:

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Feel free to connect with me via email, facebook or follow me on instagram (hmacuzz). I am not the greatest at responding, but I LOVE hearing from you!!! I promise I read every email I receive 🙂 Now I am working at scheduling in times into my schedule to reply to all of them, so if you’ve sent me an email in the past bit and I haven’t responded yet, don’t worry! An answer is coming! 😀

God bless you!

Lots of love,


imageDearest Friends & Family,

I’m so sorry it’s been 8 weeks since my

last update! I have been incredibly busy with leading this school! An amazing opportunity just presented itself this week! In a couple weeks Easterfest (the biggest Christian music festival in Australia) is happening and

I just got asked by a local worship leader here to play keys and sing with her on MainStage Saturday morning during the Festival! Great opportunity that I’m scared silly of but so excited for! Being pushed out of my box by the Lord, and it’s awesome!!
Also I got to teach for the second time this school this week! I spoke on Cross-Cultural Awareness and Outreach Prep! It was a great morning and so fun! The Lord is definitely giving me so many opportunities to be stretched and to grow in the gifts He’s given me!

My time as a school leader is spent mostly in meetings! 😀 Meetings to do with planning, problem solving, speakers/lecture/Classroom  management, ministry, pastoral care, student issues, Base Leadership and the growth/future of YWAM Toowoomba, evangelism/discipleship etc. I love it!

My favourite part of school leading I think is having one-on-ones with the staff girls instead of the students. While I love the students, there is something so special about discipling girls that I already have a relationship with and get to walk life daily with! I meet individually with 5 staff girls weekly, and it’s been amazing to see the growth in each of them this school!!! I love helping them with their own one-on-ones and helping them with family stuff back home, life on base, and even just being a listening ear! I feel so blessed to see them become bold and steadfast leaders and teachers.

In the third week of school we had 5 healings in one morning! One student has had fibromyalgia for a number of years, and today she had 0 pain for the first time in years!!! She had always been at a 6, and often would go to 8s and 9s since she’d been here. She even went running on the trail!!! So amazing!!!

I’ll just give you a quick update of our different weeks:

Week #2: Bible Overview/Inductive Bible Study- Amazing week of invoking hunger for the Word of God! The students really loved this week of practically applying the Word to our every day lives and also how to get the deeper mysteries of the Kingdom through intentional study! I also was able to teach a session on the Biblical Foundations of Worship & Praise. This is the second time I’ve been able to share on this topic, I love it! I got reeally good feedback as well 🙂

Inductive Bible Studies

Inductive Bible Studies

Week #3: Repentance & Fear of the Lord – The Spirit of the Lord was so intense in worship times that we had three demonic deliverances happen, multiple healings, gold dust and incredible times of repentance and spiritual heajling. It literally felt like a spiritual bomb went off! Crazy amazing times.

Week #4: Holy Spirit – Over half the students were baptized in the Holy Spirit for the first time ever! Many got the gift of tongues and many received other gifts or became aware of ones they already had. It was amazing as well, because even the students who had grown up with secessionist backgrounds were open and ready to learn about and receive from the often forgotten yet integral part of the Trinity.

Week #5: Evangelism – A great week after Holy Spirit! The students were fired up and excited to pimageartner with Him in loving on and spreading the name of Jesus to the city of Toowoomba! All 34 students and 12 staff went out on the streets for a day! Amazing stories from everyone. I think my favourite part is watching even the most shy and insecure people get out of their comfort zone and rely on God to lead and guide conversations with strangers who are still actually His children.

Week #6: Relationships – This week was amazing, a lot of the students were convicted to reconcile relationships with family, friends, ex’s, etc! Amazing, we’re still hearing testimonies of the Lord restoring relationships as they are lead to apologize, repent and ask for forgiveness. 🙂 Amazing!! image

Week #7: Spiritual Warfare – Amazing week of teaching by a local pastor who runs a ministry called Freedom Life. They specialise in deliverance and inner healing. Incredible stories and biblical teaching!! The students got a lot out of it! We’ve had some experience with intense spiritual warfare this school, and we experience more on outreach, so it’s been very helpful 🙂

Week #8: Music & Missions – The Lord inspired and called people out this past week! Even I felt renewed and awakened to the dreams He put in me many years ago! Dreams I had let die or fade away, He brought back up and actually the timing is so amazing! He is opening up opportunities (such as playing mainstage and working more with the House of Prayer here, and I was also recently given an opportunity to teach the IHOP model of Worship&Prayer to a bunch of High School students in Toowoomba as well!!) that aren’t allowing me to hide anymore! haha! It’s amazing that in His grace, He does things like that eh? I am learning again that HE is a dreamer, and I don’t need to be afraid to dream or that I will get disappointed. Even if things in the past haven’t turned out the way I thought or wanted, this isn’t plan B! It’s still plan A and He has known it all along 🙂

Week #9: This week is only a couple days of lecture (I got to teach on Cultural Awareness, Missions and Team Building!), and now we are heading into the set up of Easterfest! Tomorrow until Easter we will be at the park, setting up fences, building walls, floors, tents etc 🙂 Such a great opportunity to serve! A lot of the staff are going to be performing all over the city in cafes, on the streets and in different venues at the festival itself! It’s going to be a crazy time of ministry and music!

The countdown to East Timor is on! 4 weeks away!
I’m learning to be a child again. The song by Jason Upton “When You Were A Child” has been on repeat the last few weeks!! He is calling me to not be worried about my future! Who cares m almost 25 and don’t really especially have an a-z plan! He has called me to be open and available to Him. And He will do the rest 🙂 I really do feel though like He is about to drop something big on me in the next few months… so stay tuned! He has been fanning a fire for the 10/40 window again 😀

Thank you so so so much for reading this update and continuing in your prayer support of my adventures with YWAM! I pray you are abundantly blessed and enjoy your day!
Feel free to connect with me via email, facebook or follow me on instagram (hmacuzz). I am not the greatest at responding, but I LOVE hearing from you!!! I promise I read every email I receive 🙂 Now I am working at scheduling in times into my schedule to reply to all of them, so if you’ve sent me an email in the past bit and I haven’t responded yet, don’t worry! An answer is coming! 😀

God bless you!
Lots of love,


… Of His Dreams


“We are the music-makers,
And we are the dreamers of dreams,
Wandering by lone sea-breakers,
And sitting by desolate streams.
World-losers and world-forsakers,
Upon whom the pale moon gleams;
Yet we are the movers and shakers,
Of the world forever, it seems.”

— Arthur O’Shaughnessy

This melancholy poem was once the outlook that I had on life, particularly in my own. The nomadic spirit that the Lord has placed on me can occasionally be confused with alienation, isolation, loneliness and a general sense of not belonging anywhere, that is, if perceived through a worldly or non-biblical perspective. It can lead to sadness, depression, self-pity, rejection, and a whole host of other ungodly emotions!

At times, there is this assumption or idea that there is a great cost to being a Mover of the earth and a Shaker of the world. But the more time I spent with my Maker, the more I realized that I was not called to move the earth and shake the world, but He has called me to move His heart. And of course, shaking the earth just so happens to be a natural (or should I say supernatural) by-product of moving His heart.  While this life is not promised to be comfortable, it IS filled with the promise of His abundant love and the love of His people. One thing I’ve learned from world-traveling, is not that I am alone, but that I am in the largest family known to man-kind! Every where I move or go, He is there and so is His body! It is supernatural + phenomenal.

Speaking of moving…. guess what? I’m moving to AUSTRALIA! I know, eh! What?! Haha! Yep, you see, it is a long story. Let’s start where I last left off! In case you missed that, head over to the post titled ‘Surprise’.


Sooo, here goes!

Back in May of 2013, my church offered me a position on their staff. At that time, I had been home for two months and had watched and waited for something. Anything really. It’s very weird for me not to be doing stuff. Lots of stuff. Which, in itself was a lesson straight from the Lord! He started teaching me to live extraordinary in the ordinary. To live loud in the silence. Phewie, that’s a hard one, and boy, am I still learning!

So anyway, back to my church, I accepted the job offer in May and became a temporary Youth Pastor to eight of the coolest kids around. Now, when I said yes, I never ever in a million years saw myself doing the youth pastor thing. I’m not sure why, it was just never on my radar! But I wouldn’t trade these past eight months for anything. I fell in love with my kids! I’ve watched them grow in the Lord, with each other, and in hunger; it’s been awesome. I even got them making music! When we started, there were only two confident musicians. We now have a solid team of two guitars, a piano, a keyboard, an ukelele, a drummer and some nice vocalists! They sound amazing! Honestly, when we started I wasn’t very optimistic, bahaha!

Some of the youth and I at a local outreach! :)

Some of the youth and I at a local outreach! 🙂

I’ve also been in charge of the worship ministry at the church. I’ve done all the logistics, creativity, encouraging, mentoring, facilitating, and communicating. I’ve been able to witness the worship team expand, help leaders grow into their authority and freedom, and experience some beautiful moments with the Lord and our congregation! Watching our unity grow has been wonderful as well!

Tranquil Acres Camping

Tranquil Acres Camping

That same week I was offered the job at the church, I was approached by a woman who owns a trailer/rv camping grounds with her husband. They were getting on in their years and the physical labour was getting to be too much. She asked me if I would like to work for them. They would give me as many or little hours as I needed, and they’d work around my other commitments. They gave me a bike, as it was only about a 25 minute bike ride from my house. And I’d be working outside doing physical labour and the campgrounds were spectacular. Every single thing about this job was an answer to my prayers, and hers! Did I mention one of my prayers was that my bosses would love the Lord? What an answer! She is a mighty prayer warrior, and it often you’d find her lifting up her voice to the Lord! My favourite times were when we would get together and pray for the campground. Such a precious time of learning and being humbled by this woman’s faith! By the end of the season (there are so many crazy God stories involved with this!) all the campers (most were not Christians) were talking about how much joy and life I had and how I brought a smile to their hearts even on their worst day. Ha! I love how the Lord is so evident even when we don’t have a clue! I was just doing my thing, working away! It was like a puzzle and all the pieces were coming together. He is so faithful eh? When we wait on Him? It’s all in His timing! Back to Australia!

That same week as both job offers, I was looking around on different mission sites just for fun. Okay confession: I had the thought “So I’m single, 23 and can go anywhere in the world, literally…” And I ended up on the YWAM page! I randomly looked up “worship staff opportunities” because once you’ve done a DTS you could potentially staff at any of their bases, and there were about a billion different options. I clicked on several but nothing really made me actually interested… that is until I clicked on the YWAM Toowoomba link! Honestly, I had no idea where that even was. Turns out, it’s in Queensland, Australia!



The base runs a Music & Worship Discipleship Training School (DTS). So I submitted a short form of interest to staff there, and was just expecting an automated response with the costs, commitment length etc. Instead, I got this remarkably long, personal email from the Base Director and his wife, explaining the history and heart of the base, their vision (matched up with my passions exactly), and their need for female staff! Especially those with worship leading experience. They answered most of my questions before I even asked them and they even offered to help with my flight there! WHAT! Almost unheard of! So I freaked out. Showed my parents, my church leadership and some friends. Everyone said, “Well Hannah this is pretty much you to a tee. Jesus. Worship. Travel. Disciple. Dance. Pray (they are in the midst of opening a House of Prayer). Music. Missions. Unreached People Groups. Australia. You will kick yourself if you do not consider this opportunity!” So I prayed and prayed, and so did my leadership and my parents etc. I got several confirmations, so I sent in my visa application (ANOTHER ONE! I will probably end up writing a book on visas for missionaries, haha) and waited! Oh! And not to mention, those jobs that the Lord set me up with enabled me to save a good chunk of the costs of going! Being on staff with YWAM is basically being a full-time missionary, and we have to raise our own support and such. I finished the campground job in November and heard from Immigration a couple of weeks after that, and it’s official! The Australian government granted me a 12 month visa! I am finishing up at the church the 5th, and I will be heading to Toowooomba on January 8th. My director even gave me an extra week because he found out both my sisters are due to have their babies within then next couple weeks! So awesome! Praise the Lord! So, I’ve got a billion other testimonies from these past 9 months being home. But needless to say, the Lord has been at work since day one. Even that day where I the U.S. sent me home and I had no idea what the future would hold! It was all a part of His plan… who knew that it would turn out THIS cool? I never ever thought I would go to Australia. And now, here I am, moving there.

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Lots of love,
Hannah ❤

Little sister got married in January, both big and little sisters got pregnant in March (both due in about a week), and older brother got married in August! :)

Little sister got married in January, both big and little sisters got pregnant in March (both due in about a week), and older brother got married in August! 🙂