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Posted: March 17, 2018 in Hong Kong
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Some news from the past 8 weeks in Hong Kong! :)) Sorry I haven’t written here in a while! I have a Facebook group that I update with more short regular updates, let me know if you’d like added! 🙂
I’ve spent the past couple months adjusting to life in Asia! After a month and a half of living in base housing, I moved off base into an apartment close by to the base (in the same village of Shui Tau Tsuen, which is actually the oldest village in Hong Kong!) and I’m roommates with the only other Canadian girl on staff so that’s fun haha! Life has been busy (classic Hong Kong) and full of ups and downs but overall I feel peace with the decision to come here and it’s been incredible being in the same place as Ilalio and learning more about his culture and communication! 🙂 Thankful for your prayers! The two specific words I felt the Lord told me about this season (of unknown length) were: Rest & Lio at first I felt like it’s been so easy to get sucked into the spirit of busyness that runs HK, but I feel like the Lord reminded me of those last week and I’m trying to take steps towards actually being obedient to those words. Thank You, Jesus!
The past couple weeks I was put in co-charge of redesigning the base Library/Lounge area. I don’t have a complete ‘before’ picture but it was not a very inviting place haha but now it is warm and ready for a coffee bar to get constructed in the next few weeks! So excited to have been a part of this project that has really blessed the community here in YWAM Hong Kong.
The students for the next DTS are arriving this weekend and come Monday I will be helping in the Kitchen for the duration of the Lecture Phase (until June)! Cooking and doing food runs (Lio and I will to be going to the Chinese Wet Market a couple times a week to buy all the fresh produce and meat which is quite hilarious… pray for me because no one speaks English and it’s crazy fast paced ahhaha!!) I’ll also continue to serve the base with Worship leading and taking some time to process burnout and continue to spend time with Lio and helping pioneer the Homeless Ministry in the poor district of Sham Shui Po.
Also in 2 weeks I’ll be teaching a week on the DTS on the topic of Worship! This will be the students first official teaching week so pray that they are very impacted and inspired to engage and encounter the Living God this week and have deeper revelation about who He is and why we worship Him. Pray for me to have wisdom and discernment as I teach!
Also I will be going to the Philippines the first week of April! I’ll be going with Lio and his church. We’re going to be working with Kids International Ministries (KidsIM) and I’m so excited for this opportunity, we’ll be leading worship for the team twice a day along with helping the families that are going that have never been in a third world nation to adjust and to help them in ministry!
Annnnnd at the end of April I will be teaching a week on a School of Worship on the topic of Character of a Worshipper (Holiness etc). This is the first time I’ll be teaching a week including full translation into Mandarin! I can’t share which country due to safety reasons but  I’m SO EXCITED! Please pray for grace as I learn to communicate a full theological teaching while also being translated haha! And 3/4 of the students don’t speak English at all! So the dynamics will be quite challenging but Holy Spirit is a great communicator so I have faith He will show up big time!! ❤
LOVE YOU GUYS Thank you for your prayers!! I miss Toowoomba but I’m thankful for opportunities to be challenged and to grow!
Things I’ve experienced about living in Hong Kong:
There are SO MANY cultures! 🙂 I love it! Although many of the people here are Chinese, there are many expats and ethnic minorities living in the city. Not to mention the domestic workers from Southeast Asian countries such as the Philippines and Indonesia. Many immigrants from Pakistan, Syria, Nepal, parts of Africa & even mainland China as well!
The food!! Hong Kong is very diverse! I can always find different types of food in almost every street of the city
The transport! So easy to get around, the MTR (metro), bus & ferry systems can get you virtually anywhere you want to go. Unfortunately it does take about an hour to get from our village to anywhere (we live up north west, near the border to China haha)
The crowds! It’s pretty crazy how many people can fit into one city! Sometimes to get on the train you have to get super aggressive and push people to fit hahah but that’s a really nice thing about living in a ‘village’ you can get away from the crowds and almost enjoy country life out here! Many people from the city actually come and tour the village and to visit the ‘Kam Tin Country Club’ haha look it up it’s pretty great
The Chinese Culture! It actually makes me cry, I love how rich this culture is with history and heritage. From the music, to street tai chi, to Chinese lanterns, to food, to respecting your elders, to crowded, loud street markets, to beautiful architecture, to martial arts…  it’s all breath-taking ❤



We held a Soccer Tournament in our village and were able to share about Jesus during the half time! It was a hit and they all want to have another one!


We go out and worship on the streets on Friday nights!


We had a good laugh this outreach. Met someone new under the bridge with a nickname “water ghost”. He loves to drink, as his nickname denotes. He has a beautiful voice, no kidding, one that’s often sought after as a radio dj. The intense atmosphere from a few suspicious activities around us was eased by his singing- a classic song by Beyond. The wonder of songs, how it brings even a momentary hope and encouragement to those we sing or hear. He made a point that marijuana helps him in music, more than ice. One of us advocated other ways of music appreciation that is more freeing than with the use of drugs. As he danced around and sang in super high spirits 🎶, he said, “其實都唔一定high野先開心既⋯唱下歌都可以一樣咁開心~” [translation: actually (we) don’t always need drugs to be happy, singing songs can make me happy too ~], he said will a skip in his stride. He asked to join us for the rest of our outreach, with a lollipop in his mouth. He just kept talking and at one point, his lollipop fell out of his mouth. “Don’t worry, I have a lot more! 😄” he said with a good, hearty laugh, offering if we wanted one.


We also get to talk to and pray for homeless people. I really love this opportunity, they are mostly much older and very lonely! In this picture, Novelle and I were praying for a lady’s arm, she said she felt heat and felt much looser afterwards! 🙂 Thank You Jesus!


All the staff at our base, these guys are great! So many countries are in this picture: Brazil, America, Canada, South Africa, Fiji, Samoa, India, Philippines, Hong Kong, Singapore, & the Netherlands!



Chinese New Year lion dance


My Samoan family


My love


A couple of very special people in my life dropped by Hong Kong and got to meet Lio! Such a blessing!


Singing at a local church!


The before and after shot of the base Library!

  1. Wow, you sound so busy for a season of rest, but great to keep up with what’s happening for you and know how to pray.

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