Hey family!

Been awhile since I’ve updated but since March, it’s been amazing to see the students’ growth and love for outreach! I was able to have the privilege of teaching a whole week on the topic of Missions. It was incredible and I never would have imagined myself speaking to a classroom of over 40 people for an entire week!! It ended up being so inspiring and I covered things like, God being a missional God, an overview of missions in the Word, what is missions?, who does missions?, why do we do missions?, mission is actually our main reason for being on the planet, the 10/40 window, 1st world missions, martydom, the worth of the Gospel etc, cross-cultural awareness, and at the end we had a time of 3 hours of worship and intense commissioning and saying yes to God’s call on everyone, to be a part of His mission. It was amazing! I was so amazed at what the Lord did in everyone’s hearts and how He used me to express Himself to His kids.

Right after that week, all the outreach teams left for Fiji, Thailand and Cambodia!

While the outreach teams have been away, I’ve been working hard planning for the Discipleship Training School in July that I’ll be leading! 🙂 Booking speakers in and their airfare, planning the weekly, master, & event schedule, praying, processing student applications, choosing outreach locations (another possibility of me going to Hong Kong in October!) and much much more keeps me busy! 🙂 I’m getting so excited, albeit a bit nervous, to try this out on my own with the Lord! I have a staff team of 4 and already 12 students fully accepted. It’s looking like there could be upwards of 14-20 students by the time the school starts at the end of July.

I’ve also been ministering on a team in our city’s Healing Rooms, teaching Sunday School, leading worship at different events and churches, attending our Christian Leadership Network meetings, starting a Young Adults group, mentoring a few different young ladies in the city and leading our staff team of about 10 that has stayed back in Toowoomba to do ministry here.

It’s been full on! I would love prayer for sanity and rest in the midst of the business of life, that I would have the wisdom to really continue to encounter God and treasure quiet moments with Him, and that I would be growing in my confidence to lead this school without a co-leader (I’ve been a bit nervous about that!), that things would come together planning-wise, and that I would be very in tune with the Lord with what He is planning these next 6 months!

Thanks so much! Love you all! ❤

P.s. The pictures are of the Young Adults Group that I’m leading here in town (there are about 8 all together, 4 pictured), a little glimpse into some of my schedules/calendars for planning this DTS, and a bunch of pictures from the last time I went to East Timor! 🙂


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