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I am back from 4 1/2 weeks in East Timor and a 1/2 week in Darwin, Australia! So many stories to be had, but I think my favourite part is always watching the students grab hold of the fact they can hear the Lord’s voice, know what He’s saying, and then obey!

Team East Timor

Team East Timor

I also loved going back to a country I’ve grown to love!! I seriously felt like I was coming home. We got to build a house, hold many church services and kids ministry times, build relationships and disciple, evangelize on the streets, in universities and in aboriginal communities, teach English to children and adults, worship and intercede over nations, and boldly proclaim the Kingdom of God to the Timorese people.

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After we arrived back in Toowoomba, there was a couple more weeks of lecture and local outreach (which included busking/evangelizing!!! That was so fun, I’ve never busked before but it was such a neat way to share the love and light of Christ to people!). The last week Landon (my Co- School Leader) and I shared on debrief and re-entry, as well as both of us taking the time to impart again to the students what a normal Christian life can look like. It was incredible to share with them the power of Grace, which can train us for godliness in this present age! Titus 2:11-15.
I was able to teach a day on Holiness/Sanctification, and he taught on No Compromising. I love love love teaching! I was literally so paralyzed in fear when it came to speaking in public a few years ago, it’s incredible how far the Lord has taken me! I still get nervous, but now it’s so fun and rewarding to see the fruit of what you teach for 5 months displayed in a group of 33 young people who are on FIRE for the Lord and His Kingdom! These guys’s journey has been inspiring and encouraging to me to say the least.

Last Worship Session

Last Worship Session!

Bible Reading, I lead this 30 minute segment 2 mornings a week. We read a portion of scripture for 15 minutes, ponder it for 5, then discuss for 10 :) So much fun!

Bible Reading: I lead this 30 minute segment 2 mornings a week. We read a portion of scripture for 15 minutes, ponder it for 5, then discuss for 10 ๐Ÿ™‚ So much fun!

On Honouring Night (the night after Graduation), I had the chance to honour the whole school and I cried the whole way through. I had no idea that I would grow so close to these wonderful people or be so proud of them! They have truly laid down their lives for the King and I fully trust the Lord to carry them on until completion. These guys are a different breed of young people than I’ve ever seen. They are on a mission. HIS mission! I’m so excited after having sent them off last week, they get it! They get the fact that we, as followers and disciples of Christ, never turn off. We are always missionaries wherever we go. We are always transforming to look like Christ, never taking a ‘break’ from the tilling, ploughing, weeding, etc of our spiritual gardens. The call to rise up and take up our swords has been shouted from the rooftops and they are off on a mission to live as foreigners to this world, and bring Heaven to earth wherever they go.

Grad night!

Grad night!

I am so fulfilled. I can’t believe how fulfilling it is to watch seeds planted and take root, grow and bear fruit! Discipling is addicting!!! It’s so cool, I’ve been told all my life by that I have a mother’s heart (nurturing, developing and teaching people) and that I would mother nations but I never ever believed/understood it until last Friday. I realized through this school that that is one of my giftings, and I feel so blessed to be able to walk out in that calling! I felt the morning after graduation like a mother about to have an empty nest, I was overwhelmed with fear for their lives and then the Lord reassured me the whole day that He is keeping watch over them and that this is so good for them to go, to take to the world a message it needs to hear!! Woo! I love my job!!!

NEWS about the FUTURE!
I am School Leading this next school that starts in July with Landon. There are 12 students and I will most likely be leading a team of 6 students to East Timor again (3rd time) for 6 weeks with Stu, a student from my last team who is coming back on staff in July.

To give you an idea of what I do around here:

  • Planning, Booking & Facilitating Speaker Sessions
  • Small Groups, One on Ones & Basic Mentoring
  • Facilitating Classroom & Ministry Times
  • Leading Staff & Student Worship
  • Student Song-Writing & Collaboration
  • Teaching, Preaching & Sharing Testimony
  • Planning, Coordinating & Running School Events & Local Outreach Teams
  • Local Evangelism, Youth & Mercy Ministry
  • Planning, Coordinating & Leading Overseas Outreach Teams
  • Student Assessment Development & Implementation
  • Staff Development & Mentorship

Also, if you are interested in supporting me financially, (I will be doing more intentional fundraising in the next few months, especially if I commit to YWAM for a longer term) I am looking to raise funds for a new computer. I have already raised $1,200 of my $1,500 goal through GoFundMe! ๐Ÿ™‚ I only need $300 more!

You can go to the GoFundMe page itself to donate:

Or you can donate viaย PayPal by sending money to hannah.macuzzi@ywamtoowoomba.com

Feel free to connect withย me via email, facebook or follow me on instagram (hmacuzz). I am not the greatest at responding, but I LOVE hearing from you!!! I promise I read every email I receive ๐Ÿ™‚ Now I am working at scheduling in times into my schedule to reply to all of them, so if you’ve sent me an email in the past bit and I haven’t responded yet, don’t worry! An answer is coming! ๐Ÿ˜€

God bless you!

Lots of love,


  1. stacilys says:

    Hey Hannah. Did you know that YWAN Canada has a donor services office in BC. They receive and send out my fibancial support for me. They issue tax receipts to supporters and receive via monthly direct deposit as well.
    Let me know if you want more info ok.
    Blessings. ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ’•

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