imageDearest Friends & Family,

I’m so sorry it’s been 8 weeks since my

last update! I have been incredibly busy with leading this school! An amazing opportunity just presented itself this week! In a couple weeks Easterfest (the biggest Christian music festival in Australia) is happening and

I just got asked by a local worship leader here to play keys and sing with her on MainStage Saturday morning during the Festival! Great opportunity that I’m scared silly of but so excited for! Being pushed out of my box by the Lord, and it’s awesome!!
Also I got to teach for the second time this school this week! I spoke on Cross-Cultural Awareness and Outreach Prep! It was a great morning and so fun! The Lord is definitely giving me so many opportunities to be stretched and to grow in the gifts He’s given me!

My time as a school leader is spent mostly in meetings! 😀 Meetings to do with planning, problem solving, speakers/lecture/Classroom  management, ministry, pastoral care, student issues, Base Leadership and the growth/future of YWAM Toowoomba, evangelism/discipleship etc. I love it!

My favourite part of school leading I think is having one-on-ones with the staff girls instead of the students. While I love the students, there is something so special about discipling girls that I already have a relationship with and get to walk life daily with! I meet individually with 5 staff girls weekly, and it’s been amazing to see the growth in each of them this school!!! I love helping them with their own one-on-ones and helping them with family stuff back home, life on base, and even just being a listening ear! I feel so blessed to see them become bold and steadfast leaders and teachers.

In the third week of school we had 5 healings in one morning! One student has had fibromyalgia for a number of years, and today she had 0 pain for the first time in years!!! She had always been at a 6, and often would go to 8s and 9s since she’d been here. She even went running on the trail!!! So amazing!!!

I’ll just give you a quick update of our different weeks:

Week #2: Bible Overview/Inductive Bible Study- Amazing week of invoking hunger for the Word of God! The students really loved this week of practically applying the Word to our every day lives and also how to get the deeper mysteries of the Kingdom through intentional study! I also was able to teach a session on the Biblical Foundations of Worship & Praise. This is the second time I’ve been able to share on this topic, I love it! I got reeally good feedback as well 🙂

Inductive Bible Studies

Inductive Bible Studies

Week #3: Repentance & Fear of the Lord – The Spirit of the Lord was so intense in worship times that we had three demonic deliverances happen, multiple healings, gold dust and incredible times of repentance and spiritual heajling. It literally felt like a spiritual bomb went off! Crazy amazing times.

Week #4: Holy Spirit – Over half the students were baptized in the Holy Spirit for the first time ever! Many got the gift of tongues and many received other gifts or became aware of ones they already had. It was amazing as well, because even the students who had grown up with secessionist backgrounds were open and ready to learn about and receive from the often forgotten yet integral part of the Trinity.

Week #5: Evangelism – A great week after Holy Spirit! The students were fired up and excited to pimageartner with Him in loving on and spreading the name of Jesus to the city of Toowoomba! All 34 students and 12 staff went out on the streets for a day! Amazing stories from everyone. I think my favourite part is watching even the most shy and insecure people get out of their comfort zone and rely on God to lead and guide conversations with strangers who are still actually His children.

Week #6: Relationships – This week was amazing, a lot of the students were convicted to reconcile relationships with family, friends, ex’s, etc! Amazing, we’re still hearing testimonies of the Lord restoring relationships as they are lead to apologize, repent and ask for forgiveness. 🙂 Amazing!! image

Week #7: Spiritual Warfare – Amazing week of teaching by a local pastor who runs a ministry called Freedom Life. They specialise in deliverance and inner healing. Incredible stories and biblical teaching!! The students got a lot out of it! We’ve had some experience with intense spiritual warfare this school, and we experience more on outreach, so it’s been very helpful 🙂

Week #8: Music & Missions – The Lord inspired and called people out this past week! Even I felt renewed and awakened to the dreams He put in me many years ago! Dreams I had let die or fade away, He brought back up and actually the timing is so amazing! He is opening up opportunities (such as playing mainstage and working more with the House of Prayer here, and I was also recently given an opportunity to teach the IHOP model of Worship&Prayer to a bunch of High School students in Toowoomba as well!!) that aren’t allowing me to hide anymore! haha! It’s amazing that in His grace, He does things like that eh? I am learning again that HE is a dreamer, and I don’t need to be afraid to dream or that I will get disappointed. Even if things in the past haven’t turned out the way I thought or wanted, this isn’t plan B! It’s still plan A and He has known it all along 🙂

Week #9: This week is only a couple days of lecture (I got to teach on Cultural Awareness, Missions and Team Building!), and now we are heading into the set up of Easterfest! Tomorrow until Easter we will be at the park, setting up fences, building walls, floors, tents etc 🙂 Such a great opportunity to serve! A lot of the staff are going to be performing all over the city in cafes, on the streets and in different venues at the festival itself! It’s going to be a crazy time of ministry and music!

The countdown to East Timor is on! 4 weeks away!
I’m learning to be a child again. The song by Jason Upton “When You Were A Child” has been on repeat the last few weeks!! He is calling me to not be worried about my future! Who cares m almost 25 and don’t really especially have an a-z plan! He has called me to be open and available to Him. And He will do the rest 🙂 I really do feel though like He is about to drop something big on me in the next few months… so stay tuned! He has been fanning a fire for the 10/40 window again 😀

Thank you so so so much for reading this update and continuing in your prayer support of my adventures with YWAM! I pray you are abundantly blessed and enjoy your day!
Feel free to connect with me via email, facebook or follow me on instagram (hmacuzz). I am not the greatest at responding, but I LOVE hearing from you!!! I promise I read every email I receive 🙂 Now I am working at scheduling in times into my schedule to reply to all of them, so if you’ve sent me an email in the past bit and I haven’t responded yet, don’t worry! An answer is coming! 😀

God bless you!
Lots of love,



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