Staff Team July 2014!!

Staff Team July 2014!!

Hey there!

As you may remember in my last update of my time in Australia, I’ve been asked to stay on after my commitment of one year ends in December. I’m going to be the School Leader of the Discipleship Training School that starts in January 2015 and ends in July 2015! Because this extension was unexpected, I didn’t save enough money to actually finish my time here. Rent costs about $300 a month, and my last outreach phase (I’m leading a team back to East Timor in March) will cost roughly $2,000. I also will need to renew my visa and health insurance. This brings the total I need to raise to about $5,000.

Here is an excerpt from my last blog to explain a little bit more about what being a School Leader means 🙂

“I have been asked to stay for the coming January school to be School Leader! That means that during the school I will be working with our Training Director planning for it, processing applications, building the schedule of speakers, log This means I am extending my commitment here for another 6 months. Which also means, I am going to come home for about 2 weeks in September because I won’t be able to afford to come home at Christmas. Woo!! Hope to see some of you then! :)”

My sister Andrea and sister-in-law Merry are helping me plan a Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser in a couple weeks when I come home for a visit to fundraise and be in a wedding. I won’t be able to come home for Christmas because of new school, so it will be nice to see everyone, especially my new niece and nephew! 🙂

If you are in the Ottawa area and interested in attending, here is the event info:

Where: 3123 Carp Rd. Ottawa, Ontario

When: September 7, 2014

Time: 5:30-9pm

Cost: $10 per adult, $5.00 per child

Spaghetti Dinner, Dessert Auction, Live Music, Child Care provided

Performances by Joey McNitt and Amy Dagenais, a couple of young, talented, local Christian artists from Ottawa

I will be leading us in a time of worship at the end and sharing about my ministry!

Please contact Andrea Hamilton, @ to reserve your ticket soon!

I completely understand if you are unable to make it due to previous engagements, distance (especially distance :P) and such! 🙂 So no worries or pressure!

If you are unable to make it and are still interested in supporting me financially however, here is some information on how to do that!

I am connected with YWAM Canada, and if you donate through them they can issue Canadian Tax Receipts! 🙂

If you choose the cheque option, please make it payable to Youth With A Mission and put a sticky note on it saying “Hannah Macuzzi, serving with YWAM Toowoomba”

If you choose the online method, please put “Hannah Macuzzi, serving with YWAM Toowoomba” in the “Message/Instructions for YWAM Project Funding” box.

Or click on the link below if you’re not Canadian and/or don’t need, want a receipt 🙂

Thank you all so so so much for reading this and continuing in your prayer support of my adventures with YWAM! I pray you are abundantly blessed and enjoy your day! Hope to see some of you in a couple weeks!


Oh yes!! We are in our 5th week of lectures (Relationships week) and it’s been fantastic! The students are continuously working through past hurts and issues and getting freedom and healing!! It’s amazing! Last week was Repentance week and it was incredible to watch students be lifted from such shame! There were several people’s faces and posture that literally changed 100%!!!! Ah!! Seriously!!

ALSO! I am going to Fiji! We are heading out on October 7th! Our team has 6 students and then myself and my co-leader Jared! Please be praying for our preparation and finances for the team! 

More info to come! 🙂
Much love,



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