East Timor (Timor-Leste)

East Timor (Timor-Leste)



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  Wow! We had a spectacular time!!! The Lord was so good,   we made such a close family connection with the  YWAM base in Dili! I really don’t even know how to      describe how serving and loving they were! There    are 8 staff there, most of them full time missionaries from Brazil! They welcomed us in immediately as family. We did all the ministries as a team, not just us and them, and their insane servant hearts really gave our team such an inspiration to grow our servant hearts as well!





Ministries we were involved with:

Teaching English, Art and Music in local schools, an At-Risk girls’ home and in the neighbourhood of Bairo Pite (where the YWAM base is located in Dili) 

Testimony: We ended up getting to teach in a Roman Catholic school very near the base, and it was an amazing opportunity for YWAM Dili because that particular school had never allowed Christians in before! We were able to share a Christian skit and get the kids doing the actions of “Our God is So Big” and “We wanna see Jesus lifted high”. The kids and teachers all had a blast! 

Teaching English at a school! :)

Teaching English at a school! 🙂



Agape School of the Deaf

Agape School of the Deaf

Playing beach sports and hanging with Agape School of the Deaf

Testimony: Our team had tears in our eyes as we did some songs with them and they were so happy! Even though they couldn’t hear the songs, they were able to have them translated and they did the actions with us! It was beautiful!



Playing games and doing  skits at an orphanage

Testimony: We had so much fun with these kids! Our translator said he’d never seen them so happy and their faces were completely lit up as we spent time with them and teaching them about God! 🙂

Worship on the streets! :) Had about 30 men gathered around watching us! The atmosphere (every one of us felt it lift, so cool) completely shifted too!

Worship on the streets! 🙂 Had about 30 men gathered around watching us!


Worship on the streets, beach, radio, in homes, churches etc

Testimony: This was amazing!!! We did worship everywhere we went and we could all feel the atmospheres shifting. One place (where this picture is from) we stopped was in front of a bikers’ hangout! We sat down and started worshiping and our translator was saying during the first song that we should leave because it was a really bad place spiritually. As we finished up the song and we were feeling something happening, he said, “Keep going, keep going!”. By the end of the second song, the heaviness in the place had completely lifted and 30 guys had come close to watch and listen.



Preaching on the radio about reconciliation in East Timor at the workplace, the home and the Body of Christ

Testimony: 3 groups of us were able to speak on the radio, sharing testimonies and wisdom for the people of East Timor. We also got to play some worship songs as well! One of the times, the other part of the team was driving home from another ministry and we heard them on the radio. It was pretty crazy! Also, one of the ladies from our host’s church told her that it really encouraged and ministered to her. It was so fun! I haven’t spoken on a radio since I was 13, and apparently hundreds of people listen to it weekly. Craaaazy!!




Street Evangelism

Testimony: One of our planned ministries got cancelled so we ended up doing some evangelism and our students rocked it! They were so eager! It took a little pushing out of the nest for them to actually approach people, but when they did, they talked to a ton of people! They got to pray for a couple of huge tattooed bikers! These guys were really hard and tough looking, but when they started talking to them they softened up immediately and asked them to pray for them, and one asked for prayer for his mom who had cancer! We got the story of when the centurion had enough faith for Jesus to tell him that his daughter was healed without Him going to her. We don’t really know what happened, BUT us having the courage to talk to them inspired some Christians who were watching!



Building physical and spiritual foundations in a Jungle village!

Testimony: This one is quite a long actually of how the project came into being!  An amazing story I hope to share in another update (or you can email me for it). But basically we were the first team ever to go to this village, and on the first day there we saw 20 elders/leaders saved! The YWAM Dili Base Director (Anabel) shared the gospel (via the narrow/wide road passages) and I cried when I saw all there hands go up 🙂 The Holy Spirit was so evident! We were able to pray for all the converts, and are excited to see what the Lord continues to do in that village! We were able to clear (of rocks, gravel, weeds etc), dig, and build a house foundation along with a ton of villages! It was so neat to work together with them! They were very keen on doing it well and really took ownership of the project. There are 78 more houses to build there in 7 years! It is for sure quite the spiritual and physical endeavour.



Prophetic Paintings

 Testimony: Anna is awesome! She was our team artist 🙂 Kat and I encouraged her to start exercising her faith by listening to God for prophetic pictures for people and painting them. She flourished! For the longest time she thought she couldn’t hear God’s voice, but through the paintings it was confirmed over and over that she can! So incredible to watch her faith and discernment grow over outreach!




Preaching, teaching, sharing testimonies and doing dramas at evening village church services, local Dili Sunday services, and youth groups

Testimony: What a testimony of the students growth! Most of them had never spoken before in public, let alone preached a sermon! It was such an honour to help them, encourage them and even push them out of their comfort zones and see the Kingdom of God move through each of them as they listened to the Spirit to see what He was saying to each congregation, child, group, or family!

10346111_10202019241826578_2357146708543865925_n and TONS of kids ministry! 🙂

 Testimony: One of the ladies on staff at YWAM Dili came out part way through our local kids program. We were in the middle of singing “Indescribable” for them just for fun and she actually told us later that she stopped and stared! They were all completely still, just staring up at us in awe! She said she had never seen such a reverence over these kids and she felt the Holy Spirit so strongly when she came closer! It was really encouraging to the team because something they’d been struggling with is the language barrier, and if people could be touched by some English worship songs! But the Spirit is the same yesterday, today and forever and isn’t bound by language!! There were so many times He used our worship music powerfully!


Thank you SO MUCH for your prayers! Our entire team felt them everyday! We couldn’t have done what we did without that covering of prayer. There are so many more testimonies as well, but I think my favourite one over all was actually of our team itself! When we first left, none of them were really friends and I’d say everyone had extremely different personalities etc. Several of the girls had come to Kat and me asking for prayer because they were so nervous none of them (especially the girls) would get along! So we encouraged them for quite awhile to get over differences, to be unofffendable, and to be constantly asking Holy Spirit how to love each other. With the help of Holy Spirit and their own perseverance and willingness to surrender, they came through the end with the best friends they could ever ask for! I can’t tell how big of a miracle this is! It was actually something we were concerned about, so to watch such a love blossom and a strong team unit develop was AMAZING!! I love how unity is one of the most powerful tools of the Kingdom!!


Sadly, our school is coming to an end and the students will be graduating in 2 weeks! It’s so crazy how fast the time has flown! This week we are investing in the community of Toowoomba and serving various ministries, churches and families! It’s so far been a very productive week! Also the students are in the process of recording a CD of their own songs, so it will be great to listen to that once it gets mixed and produced!


I pray you are blessed beyond measure! I will be posting another update soon of what’s coming up next and more prayer requests and such. I love you all so much! As always, if you are interested in contacting me for more info, just to chat, or you’re interested in supporting me financially, my email address is hannah.macuzzi@gmail.com

Love in Christ,

One of the many glorious sunset pics I got to take on the coast of Dili! :)) He is so creative, eh??

One of the many glorious sunset pics I got to take on the coast of Dili! :)) He is so creative, eh??

  1. This is wonderful, Hannah. Great testimonies. Thanks for sharing.

  2. WOW. This is all just wonderful. Our God is Awesome!

  3. Bettina Campbell says:

    Thanks so much for giving us a glimpse of what God and Holy Spirit are doing through you and the team

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