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Posted: February 23, 2014 in Down Under
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Hello Folks! 🙂

We are just about to start Week #5 here at the YWAM Toowoomba Music & Worship DTS! We’ve had an incredible four weeks, covering the Character and Nature of God, Openness & Brokenness, Spiritual Warfare and Relationships & Identity.

Cacti and Mountain Climbing!


Week #1 was great! We had a great first weekend to orientate them all on life at YWAM Toowoomba. It was Australia Day on that Sunday, so we celebrated it by cooking sausages and kangaroo (not too shabby) and playing cricket! Jason Solari,  director of the Film School at YWAM Brisbane, spoke on the Character and Nature of God and of Hearing God’s voice. He is a great guy that just finished directing and producing an indie film called The Umbrella. One thing that really impacted them was that communication is 93% non-verbal! We did an exercise where we got in groups of two and stared into each others eyes for 2 minutes. We weren’t allowed to laugh or touch our face. It was crazy how much you could communicate!! 🙂 He told a lot of stories as well that encouraged their faith in stepping out, and increased their hunger to know God!


My small group! Made up of my one-on-ones.
L to R: Kendra (Alberta), Sarah (California), myself, Alina (Germany), and Caroline (Brazil)

Week #2 brought in Pablo Nunez, Director of YWAM South Australia. He spoke on Repentance, Openness & Brokenness. He gave the students many opportunities to be vulnerable and receive healing for many things. There was incredible breakthrough! Especially the Thursday night and Friday morning, they broke out into confession and prayer for about 8 hrs! It was beautiful! Many were set free from shame, condemnation, heavy bondage and oppression.

Sitting on the edge of a cliff!

Sitting on the edge of a cliff!

Week #3 Andrew Hooey, a pastor from Toowoomba and founder of Freedom Life Ministries, came and taught about Spiritual Warfare. It was actually quite funny because there was a lot of actual spiritual warfare that surrounded the week. The students were really battling abnormal apathy and sleepiness. By thursday morning small groups, everyone was realizing they were not alone in it so they began to pray and fight! Thursday morning lecture was a like a breath of fresh air and they actually got so much out of it! Not to mention that the practical part of battling in prayer and seeing the heaviness lift off of them was very encouraging. Most of them had not grown up around this kind of teaching, so it was awesome to see them respond with so many questions! By the end of the week, pretty much everyone lost their fear and/or passivity of the demonic realms and received revelation of the authority of Christ and also an awareness that there is much more happening around than we think 🙂

The fearless female staff!

The fearless female staff!

Week #4 an incredibly heavy week! We are still recovering (in a good way) from it! Marty Emmett from YWAM Tauranga NZ spoke on Relationships and Identity! We tackled lies and truths. From 11am-9:30pm Wednesday, and then most of Thursday and Friday morning the students got up on a chair and went through the ‘4 Rs’ – Repentance, Receive (forgiveness), Rebuke (the enemy and thoughts), and Replace (with Truth). Basically they repented for the different lies they’d struggled with, and were set free of more shame, comparison, anger, unworthiness, hopelessness etc. We also spent a lot of time creating a culture of affirmation! Literally spending hours affirming and calling out the gold in each other. This weekend everybody has been kind of walking around in a daze, processing their freedom! It’s great. Literally every single student has overcome numerous issues. All of my one-on-ones have been conquering intense self-identity and fear issues. Watching them step into confidence in their identities as daughters of God has blessed me so much! I love them so much! The Lord has been so good in their lives! I can’t wait to see more!

Tabletop Mountain (it literally looks like a tabletop, there is a picture of this mountain on my last post "Hey from OZ")! We can see this mountain from our base, so we went and climbed it! :)

Tabletop Mountain (it literally looks like a tabletop, there is a picture of this mountain on my last post “Hey from OZ”)! We can see this mountain from our base, so we went and climbed it! 🙂

East Timor!

East Timor!


Outreach! We announced our outreach teams last Sunday! It was hilarious! I am, along with my co-leader Katherine, leading a team to Dili, East Timor (Timor-Leste) April 23-May 23. The first 3 weeks of April we will be working with EasterFest (the music festival I talked about in my last post). We actually will be hosting quite a few of the artists at our YWAM base! So that should be a lot of fun actually! 🙂

We have 9 students on our team.Caleb (Quebec), Joel (Washington State), John (California), Keith (Alberta), Rachael (California), Alina (Germany), Anna (Alberta), Kayla (Michigan) and Evelien (Belgium). We had our first official team meeting on Friday night. It was great, we played a few team-bonding games and we’ve been really praying into our trip! We will be working with the YWAM base in Dili. Teaching English in orphanages and schools, street evangelism, church ministry (dramas, preaching, teaching, worship leading), prayer walking/intercession, lots of kids ministry and some village ministry. We’re so excited to join with what the Lord is doing in East Timor!

Random: This past Thursday our student and staff guys put on a wonderful night for us ladies! It was quite phenomenal actually, most of the girls had never ever been treated with such love and respect by men that when we had our ‘debrief’ (the speaker was training them in how to treat women as part of the ‘Relationships’ part of the week),  most everybody was crying! The guys did all the thinking and planning on their own, and it was a magical night to say the least! They made invitations (beautiful ones!) and hung them on our doors, dressed in black and whites to serve us a 3 course meal they made themselves, had made individual cards for each girl with encouraging words and verses, gave a rose and their arm to lead us to our seats (they even had chosen a guy to be maitre’d), and at the end washed our feet and prayed for us. Oh! And they created a photo booth and fondue party to end the night. Haha! Needless to say, they past the gentleman test with flying colours. The girls were blown away by how much they were enjoying it, and were whole heartedly doing it! And the thought behind it! So much details 🙂 Such a fun time!

Last night we had an open mic night where everyone had to perform originals! This school is FILLED with talent!!!

Myself and Evelien, one of the students on my East Timor outreach team. She is from Belgium! :)

Myself and Evelien, one of the students on my East Timor outreach team. She is from Belgium! 🙂











Financial: If you are interested in supporting me financially, I was able to connect with YWAM Canada and they can and will issue Canadian tax receipts. All you have to do is click on the link below and there are three options :) If you choose the sending a cheque option, please make it payable to Youth With A Mission and put a separate note on the cheque (such as a sticky note) saying “Hannah Macuzzi, serving with YWAM Toowoomba”. They do not want anything written in the memo section of the cheque :)

Prayer Points:

—-> Myself and Kat as we plan and prep for outreach! That we would have the grace and wisdom in what the Lord has for us to do. That we would be able to humbly and wisely lead our students! 

—-> Financial needs to be met within the team for outreach.

—-> Strength and desire for the students to keep pressing in during the remaining lecture weeks.

—-> For God to keep bringing revelation to change hearts and minds of all us!

—-> Unity among the staff team, and the outreach leads!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this! I pray you are blessed and your life enriched by the Spirit of wisdom and revelation. If you have any questions feel free to email me!!

I will keep the updates coming!

Much Love,

Hannah ❤

  1. Charaine says:

    Wow Hannah! You seems to be having fun. Amazing!!You will be in prayers.xo

  2. Terri Lynn says:

    an amazing post Hannah! Love you……………Mom 🙂

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