Standing across the street from an abortion clinic. We were standing in front of traffic lights. Whenever it turned red we got a LOT of attention! Good and bad, it was really cool. We weren’t protesting, just praying and interceding!

Well, now that it is almost Christmas… and I HAVE been meaning to do this for a couple months… REALLY…. I have finally written an update for my lovely friends, fans, family and pets back home in Canada!!! It doesn’t really feel like the Christmas season, as there is no snow and it has been around 15 degrees!!!

Since I wrote those last two sentences, I am now in Tennessee! I’ll be spending Christmas here. I miss Canada, but it’s all good, and the Lord is definitely calling me into an intimate season where I can’t rely on anybody but Him to feel at home! This past week we had a guest speaker from California, Kenny Peavy. He knows Jesus Culture and Brian and Jenn Johnson! Haha he is super cool and flows with the Spirit insanely. He is a worship leader and has been involved with YWAM for about 15 years, he even directed a worship school with them for many years! He was hanging out with the worship team most of the week, teaching us about character and being unified as a team. He also just gave us all so much truth. We did this exercise where we wrote down all of our thoughts that hindered us from understanding how He sees us. Then we asked Holy Spirit to reveal the truth and wrote down all we heard that was opposite of the lie we believed. Then we all went and burned the lies outside and just went crazy with freedom after. It was amazing and everyone was so seriously free! ๐Ÿ™‚ I feel like I’ve been cleared of a lot cobwebs and that the freedom that Jesus put in me that’s been buried for a long time is coming back out! I love it.

A couple months ago we did a week of 24/7 prayer in the prayer house. It was super amazing and there was a core group of about 5 that stayed over night every night. There was tons of revelation and freedom that happened there as well. One of the guys got knocked out by the Holy Spirit and if it wasn’t for God he would have cracked open his skull cuz he fell so hard! He said he had never had a vision in his life and the Lord took him flying over the earth and showed him that He was his Father. This guy had never had a dad and he said he didn’t know how to receive love from people or the Lord! The Lord told him not to look at his earthly father for acceptance but that He was his Father all along and he was worthy! His face aftewards was precious, he was absolutely glowing!! ๐Ÿ™‚

A team went to Kenya with Pastor Dan again (I went with them last year) and the first day they were there, in Kisumu, something crazy happened!! One of the guys heard a scream during the night and in the morning it turned out to be that next door a mother had been screaming because she found her daughter murdered. A large crowd came and said they needed a witch doctor to tell her who was the murderer. At first she said yes because she was distraught. So they went and paid the witch doctor. When he got there, she came to her senses (she’s a believer) and told him he could NOT enter her house. The crowd got mad and started becoming a mob and wanted the money back that they spent, but she didn’t have any money. They started throwing stuff at the house and beating her. Then for some reason (Jesus) they dispersed and left. Our team went and started encouraging and praying for the lady. While they were doing this, the mob came back! They surrounded them and were getting angry again and Pastor Dan kept praying, and whenever he yelled Jesus they would get confused and eventually it got chaotic and they were fighting with each other and stuff. Pastor Dan said that at one point he thought they were literally about to die, and all of a sudden the military police showed up out of nowhere and got everything under control!! Pastor Dan was in shock because they were in the middle of nowhere in a small village and there was definitely no police there! Anyways, that was cool! Then they were in Mombasa at a mosque debating with muslims (and keep in mind Kenya is under much unrest and apparently Al Qaeda is targeting Americans there!). And this one guy was actually persuaded enough to meet with Pastor Dan several times over the week and kept asking questions! They are still in touch and I think God’s got a hold on him ๐Ÿ™‚ There were a TON of healings that happened too!! Many were healed from aids! A tumour shrunk, a baby was healed of sores in her mouth, a woman paralyzed could walk and many more!

I’ve been learning that the power of prayer is unstoppable too!!! This a really cool testimony… my bunkmate, Celara, ย has been praying for the Lord to give her a singing voice! Now, she was completely tone deaf and I can attest to this ๐Ÿ˜€ Anyways… one night we were chilling in our room and she asked me to pray for her, so I did… That night we were all sleeping and the Lord literally opened her ears!! She started singing quietly and woke me up and I was in shock!! She sounded completely different, on tune and everything! The Lord is still working on it and she is getting better every day. It’s craaaaazy!!!

He is also teaching me about intimacy! It is really beautiful and I am completely and utterly falling in love with Him. ๐Ÿ™‚ He is showing me so much stuff about myself that I never saw before. Bad and good! The bad is getting purged and my heart is becoming more and more pure and the good is Him. He is good, and He is in me! My voice is actually changing oddly enough! He is expanding it and stretching it! I’m not sure how to describe it, but sometimes when we start going into the prophetic it’s like God is actually singing through me and my voice kinda gets a little lower and louder haha I’m learning from Him how to lead people deeper into His presence too! It actually comes from intimacy and knowing where He is going! All I have to do is follow! A couple first year students that I’ve only known for about 4 months have even commented that my voice is changing and they said it’s becoming angelic!! AH! I can’t wait to see what Jesus does through me. Kenny prophesied that I will be able to see locks in people during worship and God will give me the right keys through song that will unlock them. I’m so excited for that to happen!! I love it when people are freed!

Another really cool thing is being a 2nd year here! At first I didn’t have a one-on-one (mentoring a first year girl) because there were too many 2nd year girls! So I was really bummed because I was looking forward to specifically discipling someone! But anyways… during the first 2 months I prayed that I would kind of become like a mom to all the girls and that He would use me to give wisdom and love. And out of the blue, the girls just started coming to me with their problems or just to get hugs or random things like that! Sooo… I’m gonna back it up a bit to me being on the ย  Outreach Team. We usually travel a lot and there are no first years on travel til January so normally we as a team don’t get to bond much with them… but for some reasons that the Lord obviously had (although at the time I was kind of not seeing any good reasons) I didn’t end up going on the two biggest trips to Kansas and Arkansas. Anyways, in hindsight it ended up being that during those weeks that everyone was gone except a couple 3rd and 2nd years and all the first years, I got super close to the first years!! And I ended up being available to disciple and mentor them and share a gift that I recently discovered God gave me. The gift of wisdom! So now I am trusted and I get to watch them grow and change from being who they were to being completely and totally new people that are radical to do supernatural things and be pure!! He also taught me a buttload of trust. He knows best! He did so many awesome things in Atlanta that I obviously wasn’t supposed to miss :)) But this next year I will be traveling to a few different states including Texas and Ohio.

Every Christmas the Dream Center does a giant toy giveaway outreach, and this was the biggest year yet! In the last few weeks the Dream Center got over 8,000 toys donated to us from tons of people across the ATL! We (Master’s commission students) sorted and bagged and counted and sorted again! We definitely felt like Santa’s elves! Haha It’s been a fun week. On Saturday we had over 500 volunteers come in to help us deliver the toys to over 2,000 kids in need in the city of Atlanta. We as the outreach team got to perform for the volunteers before we went out! It was hilarious! We dressed up as whos from Whoville and did a dance before the stomp team did the song Mr. Grinch. They thoroughly enjoyed it ๐Ÿ™‚

A lot of the students are struggling with tuition, so we took an offering last week and from Master’s Commission (as in us poor students) we raised over 4,000 dollars! These students are making a huge difference in the city of Atlanta and especially in the community of the Old Fourth Ward. From the little kids on the street who have no parents that smile when we love them, to the dope boys who start coming to church and get real jobs from meeting us on the street, to the mamas who’s kids come home happy after hanging out with MetroKidz, to the homeless men and women we give food and prayer too, that decide to travel by foot and bus to get to church to see what makes us who we are. So many cool things happen! If you would like to help support what God is doing down here by prayer, that would be much appreciated!!

Prayer Points:

– Boldness and Courage! – Finances – Unity among us! – Revival – Continued safety – Peace in my heart and mind – Clarity and Guidance for the Lord’s future plans for me – Pure hearts in the students – His Fire in Atlanta to FALL!! – The kids program to be effective in building the children up – For me to be His burning one – The Dream Center’s finances – Wisdom for the leaders there – Pastor Paul to have renewed strength and total healing

If you feel like the Lord is leading to help out myself (I need about 300 dollars, which isn’t actually a lot, Praise the Lord!), or some students in need, or even the Dream Center that would be super awesome!!!! How you can do this is by sending a cheque, bank draft, or money order (Canadian or American is fine) to

Hannah Macuzzi

PO Box 54537

Atlanta, GA


And you can specify in a letter whether it goes to myself or the student most in need. Or you can donate online (which is probably easiest :)) atย ย  ย and click on the bottom left of the page the donate button.

I love you guys SO MUCH!!! And I pray Ephesians 3:17 over all of you, that He would give you the Spirit of Wisdom and Revelation, and that the eyes of your hearts are enlightened so that you know the power and hope which He has called you to. Xoxoxoxo Talk to you again soon! Feel free to send letters to me at that same address… I’d love to get them! I will be back in Ottawa on June 8th, so look forward to seeing some of you then! Please keep me in your prayers and thoughts, you are in mine!

Lots of Love, Hannah

  1. Great update ! Thanks for sharing. Your stories are very motivating.

  2. Aunt bt says:

    Oh wow Hannah – Nah-Ha-Ha ๐Ÿ™‚ Your blog was wonderful to read – I’ve learned all kinds of things – like how to give a buttload of thanks to our amazing Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit for what is happening in you and through you. A saying I heard a long time ago – ‘rejection is often God’s redirection’ . When I have been in that situation it has been so helpful for me to remember that God is redirecting me : )
    love you lots

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