SOOOOO, for those of you that do not know already, and for those who already know too… I am about to embark on another epic adventure crazier than the last! September 9th, 2011 I’m heading back down to Atlanta, Georgia! I’m flying down this time, all by my onesies…

This year I will be a second year and a more involved part of our traveling outreach team. I have more of a leadership role in worship and outreach, and have more responsibilities all around. I will be mentoring and discipling a first year, my one-on-one. And I will be on the traveling team again! This is a team of 15 out of the 50 students traveling throughout the United States who share the gospel in places such as public and Christian schools, nursing homes, churches, youth groups, hospitals, conferences etc. using the arts! We use a combination of drama, step, dance, stomp, spoken word, rap, worship and speaking to get our message across.

WHAT: This is a year that emphasizes hands on training and experience along with academic understanding of the Kingdom of God and the power thereof, causing one to no longer echo the latest sermon but to become the very Word of God. This next year is not bound to an area or aspect of ministry, but to the Kingdom of God. We are dedicated to hearing the voice of the Father and doing His will. Our Mission is to disciple His people to hear, to know, and to obey the voice of God. A result of this abandoned lifestyle allows the power of the Kingdom of God to transform your life and the ones around you through the supernatural (i.e.shriveled hands opened, deaf ears hearing, the lame walking, the dead being raised and the greatest of all- salvation). We become a damaging force against the kingdom of darkness for the Glory of God.

COURSES INCLUDE: Face to Face (harp and bowl worship), The Gospel of the Kingdom, Homiletic, Hermeneutics, Apologetics, Supernatural Training, Eschatology, etc…

RANDOM THINGS ALSO INVOLVED IN: Daily Prayer, Worship, Bible Reading, Scripture Memorization, One on One Discipleship, Hearing the voice of God, Becoming a Servant, Walking in the supernatural, Kids Street Ministry, Bus Ministry, Counselling, Prostitute Ministry, Homeless Ministry, Prophesying, Worship Team, 3 week missions trip overseas etc…

Worship Training: Learning to be led by the Holy Spirit, The role of the Holy Spirit in Worship, Reality and Freedom In Worship, The Prophetic Nature of Worship, Biblical and Historical Foundations, Songwriting and Musicianship, Leadership and Team Development, Worship, Intercession and Spiritual Warfare, How to go yourself and lead others into His presence.

I graduate the beginning of June and should be back in Ottawa soon after.
This year I am going to actually keep up the updates and will even have accountability so as to not fall so far behind.

This last year was life-changing and I can’t wait to start another one!

Thank you all so much for reading this and supporting me in prayer!!! I really really appreciate you all so much and wish I could sit down with each one of you personally! Lots of Love, Hannah


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