When God touched me…

Posted: October 20, 2010 in Atlanta School of Ministry

You may remember me saying on facebook that God touched me a couple weeks ago. Well! It’s kind of a long and involved story, and better when I can use my hands and facial expressions šŸ˜€ But I will try my best šŸ™‚ So, this guy named Kenny Peavey, who is a worship leader in California, came to teach us for a week. (October 5th-8th). He taught all the worship track classes, a first years class, whole school class, and our harp and bowl class. He taught on worship leading, but mostly about how to live a holy life style. On that thursday, he shared with us a recording his friend from Mexico had made. It’s basically this guy by himself in a dark recording studio just worshiping with his guitar. Anyways, angels ended up singing with him! It was amazing, and afterwards we had a time of simple acoustic worship. A bunch of the students heard actual angels singing with us, and a few of them saw angels in several places of the room! So we went upstairs afterwards, and I was sitting on the floor listening to him talk to us in the worship track. I kept my eyes closed and I just started feeling super intense! Like that feeling you get when you are going up a roller coaster slowly and know there is a giant drop on the other side. I wasn’t sure what was going on, but I couldn’t keep still! I was shaking and rocking and crying. It was kinda funny, cuz I was doing this during a small class…. but everyone just left me alone.

Anyways, all of a sudden my head started slowly dipping to the ground. When I was about halfway down (I was sitting crosslegged), I felt a hand touch my shoulder and I jerked. My spirit automatically informed me that either an angel or God himself just touched my shoulder. But then my mind kicked in and was like no, Kenny Peavey (who was sitting beside me on a chair) must have just randomly touched my shoulder to pray for me quickly or something. So I peeked up at him, and he was not even paying attention to me, and there was no one else near me! I still was a little confused though, and my head kept going down. Finally it was on the floor, but my legs kept cramping so I kept trying to get comfortable! But I couldn’t really sit up, it was like a heavy blanket was on me holding me down. Finally I shoved myself back up, but then I fell again, I just kinda stayed that way for the rest of the sermon. When Kenny was kind of wrapping up, I felt like I could maybe get up… So I sat up, but immediately went back and ended up laying on my back with my arms out beside me. Then a heaviness of peace, like I’ve never felt before, layed on me. It was amazing!!! It felt like my wrists and ankles were pinned to the floor. I couldn’t even speak. Anyways, I stayed like that for awhile, then Kenny started the closing prayer, and prayed for me! He said he saw the spirit of rejection flying off of me, and the intimacy and peace of God replacing it. I felt it through out my entire body! When he finished, I felt like I needed to ask him if he had touched my shoulder. So I forced myself up and walked drunkenly behind him down the stairs. When I got to him and asked he said no, and BAM I started like crazy violently sobbing! Then he and one of the girls led me over to a chair and he asked me what happened. I was like, I’m pretty sure God just touched me!! And, he’s like, what does that mean to you? And I was like, He loves me!!!!

Oh ya, I forgot a part to the story! The day before he had all of us first years lay on the floor with our ear to the ground, listening for what God says about us. All I could hear the whole time was “there is no way God could ever love me. He just can’t. It makes no sense. I mean, ya He can love other people, but why me? It just doesn’t make sense.” Anyways, that’s all I could hear! After about 10 minutes, Kenny came over and was like, God just told me to tell you He freakin loves you! And out of everyone in this room, He sees YOU. And He is looking at you right now. WOOOOA I freakin cried like crazy. Anyways, so ya the fact that God actually freakin touched me, kinda sealed the deal šŸ™‚ Then Kenny and Jasmine prayed for me and prophesied over me. Then it was like everything just released off of me, and I just kinda fell over off my chair onto floor. Again, I felt the peace of God pin me to the ground! It was amazing, and He just started romancing me! Then one of my fellow students came over and started praying for me. We were probably on the ground for about an hour. During that time, she prophesied and stuff over me and God was intimately all over me…. not sure how to exactly express it, that’s as close as it will get haha. At one point, my right hand started tingling like raindrops were falling on it. It started getting more intense, and it was like electric shocks were going all over my hand. Like a finger poking on the palm and all over the back too. I started freaking out and kinda screaming and yelling haha. Amber was like, what the heck is going on??!?! So I told her, and she said she was pretty sure it was a healing anointing. Then my fingers started freezing, but felt like electricity was pulsing through them. They got super heavy, and Amber said that they were like blocks of ice! Then my whole body started feeling cold, and God told me I was submersed in His river. I found out afterwards, that Brigitte (a third year here) was walking by me and felt like she was walking through water!!!!! And she kept walking by because it was crazy. WOA I’m still in shock of how the Lord confirms His voice šŸ™‚ Basically, the rest of the night I could barely walk straight and I couldn’t lift anything, I was completely rocked by the peace and intimacy and love of the Father. I wish I could tell you all in person, cuz there was so much more!! AH, and He has continued to just increase His love on me.

God is also increasing my capacity for His joy! Every single word of life from people here, even prophecies from people who don’t know me, River of abundant JOY is the key word! It keeps showing up, and I know I’ve always been a somewhat joyful person, but it’s like I’m finally coming into the person God made me to be. I’m discovering this well of joy, laughter, and fun is a GIFT from the Lord. It’s not just for me either, it affects so many people and I had NO idea until He started revealing to me that I cannot hold back anymore. It steals blessing from people! The pastor over the arts, who doesn’t even know me at all, told me that my smile lights up the entire room. That is definitely the Lord. I’m really starting to appreciate the little things He has given me and other people, that I’ve never noticed or really thought of as from the Lord before!


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