Episode #5- First few weeks in October

Posted: October 20, 2010 in Atlanta School of Ministry

Hey guys! So honestly, I don’t remember a lot that happened the last few weeks since my last update. Haha! Time is flying, though, that’s for sure! Hmm…. we’re now over a month in. Oh ya! I talked about the talent show last, didn’t I? Well, it didn’t go too horribly 🙂 I ended up playing and singing part of a song I wrote, and I had discovered the night before that I could fit 6 paintbrushes up my nose!! That got wild applause :D.

What else… Oh yes! Well, as some of you know, I was having a hard time deciding on whether God wanted me to go Kenya or Mexico as an outreach. 2 weeks ago was the deadline on the Kenya trip, so I spent the day fasting and praying and I felt like I wasn’t getting anywhere, so I decided to go talk to Pastor Dan. At this point, I felt a tiny bit of a lean towards Kenya, but I still wasn’t sure. Anyways, I talked to him and basically he said that if I wasn’t going to go, he would have asked me anyways! Haha, so now I’m for sure going to Kenya from November 27th til December 18th. We’ll be in Nairobi and Mombasa mostly, but probably traveling to a couple villages in there as well. I think we’ll be ministering at a YWAM base there, and a pastor’s conference. Also, Pastor Dan will be participating in a religious debate. Kingdom of God vs. Islam, I believe. Please pray that the Holy Spirit would come and fill him with all the right words and that heaven would invade!

There is a traveling team that does a bunch of outreaches through stomp, worship, drama, dance, and step all over the states, and there were 15 spots to fill. And somehow I made it on the team! Although this makes my schedule a thousand times more crazy, I love it! I’m part of the worship, drama, and dance team. We’ve already done 2 outreaches, and it’s a lot of fun. We have one coming up on Sunday. Our stomp team was practicing in a park nearby, and the manager of a music/food festival this weekend heard them. Anyways, he asked our whole team to take an hour on Sunday to do our thing. WOOHOO! This is a non-christian event, so we are stoked to be able to bring the love of Jesus through the arts to our part of the ATL. Please pray that it would be blessed, and there would be hecka salvations 🙂

I am learning so much about the Kingdom of God, and I’m still processing a lot of it! 🙂 In one of our classes we’re going in depth into the parable of the sower. Another one, the beatitudes. Another one, how prophetic the old testament is to our Christian walk. In the worship track, we are going to be writing a song as a group, and then we’ll learn about recording and sound equipment and stuff. Piano is already challenging me, because I’m the only one on the team who knows how to somewhat play. I’ve already lead on piano during base worship several times. That was intense!! I’ve never played piano in front of anyone really, let alone lead worship with it! Haha stretching is good 🙂 On Sunday I’ll be playing piano in front of a whole festival! AH! It’s been really good though, I’m being forced to actually play and learn from the other teammates how to better myself in my piano skills. And my once-a-week piano lessons are helping as well.


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