Master’s Commission- Episode 1

Posted: September 25, 2010 in Atlanta School of Ministry

Last Saturday I officially moved to Atlanta, Georgia. I’m in a house with four rooms on the top floor and four on the bottom floor. Girls up, boys down. 6 girls per room. Not bad compared to the 17 girls in one room the last time I did something like this. So it’s been super awesome, and I am getting rocked by the Lord pretty much hourly. I love it here! Most of the students and staff are from all over the States, not just Georgia. So I get to learn a bunch of different stuff about each of their cultures. AND I get to tell all of them about good ol’ Canada. I’m the only one from a different country, so it’s kinda fun being the one everyone makes fun of. Haha today, we were driving in a car and Matt (the one driving) started fishtailing on purpose and then was like hey, stop using your Canadian powers. That’s just a little taste of what I go through aha… But ya I already feel like I’ve known everyone all my life. It’s awesome!!!

This past week was mostly just getting to know each, going to our first classes, getting homework done, team-building and starting elective. Last night was dance and I will be learning hip-hop for the first time! HAHA Ya, I’m definitely stepping out of my comfort zone. The other electives are stomp, step, media, drama and worship. Unfortunately, we could really only pick three, so I’m doing dance, drama, and worship. I’m stoked for drama tonight!

So the school has a bunch of 1st years, 2nd years, and 3rd years and then some staff as well. The different years all live together, taking some classes together and some for just the individual years. We all eat together and hang out together 24/7. I freaking love living in community 🙂 So we live in the what is called the 10-plex, and eat and do our classes and have church in the Warehouse, and then the office building is the GreyHouse. All of them are within 15 minutes walking, which is sweet because I don’t have a car… BUT a lot of the students have cars… so I probably don’t walk as often as I should hehe. I do get the opportunity to dance every morning for about an hour, so that’s enough exercise for me. No worries Mom.

  1. nebcanuck says:

    Wow! Great balls of blogging! I never knew you wrote, Hannah! I’ll have to pop in here from time to time!

    Sounds like the “rez experience” (or whatever you call it!) is going well for you! Living in close proximity with others is a really awesome experience. Although I’m sure it’s not too hard for you to get used to 6 girls per room instead of 17!

    I’m a little disappointed that you didn’t take stomp, but I’ll forgive you for now since it sounds like you get some really neat courses no matter what you choose. Hope that it keeps on being a good adventure!

    -Ben (in case you were a little weirded out by this nebcanuck guy who was posting on your blog!)

  2. Linda Montsion says:

    Oh Hannah, you are so sweet. I pray that Lord meets you each morning as you dance for him. I pray that He takes you deeper each day. Love you, Linda

  3. ireneharding says:

    This is so awesome to be able to follow your growth in the Lord and see how He is blessing you. Wow , the school sounds great. You are an amazing and the school is very blessed to have you. Enjoy and may God continue to enrich your life Hannah. ❤

  4. Andrea says:

    LOL, I read your blog out to Grandma. Just a word of advice, you need to use more commas or periods next time. I almost ran out of breath! Anyway, I’m glad you’re loving it there. Your courses sound like a lot more fun than the ones I’m taking, lol.

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