Episode #2- (Tuesday September 21st)

Posted: September 25, 2010 in Atlanta School of Ministry

Tuesday, was the beginning of classes. We worship every morning together for an hour. I LOVE THAT!!!! I will never get tired of worshiping. We had a class about God’s Ultimate Intentions (Looking deeper into into the meaning of salvation), and then Harp  & Bowl. This week for that class we wrote our covenants. We each wrote out what we thought God was asking us to give up, and start up for the year and then signed it and received a covenant ring. The mandatory ones were not dating, and not listening to secular music. The rest was up to us. Then we started our tracks. I’m in the worship track, and we started by telling our testimonies and then talking a bit about Jesus. After supper we got to do a scavenger hunt. We broke into 2 teams and raced to do random things on the list in 48:20 seconds. We didn’t get all of it done, but we got to things like get 5 random people and do the Hokey Pokey, perform a disney seen in a park, and fit all of us into an elevator. It was pretty awesome.


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