Who is this God?

Posted: March 23, 2010 in Thoughts

You are so beautiful! Every time I catch a new glimpse of You, I am fully stunned. When you come near to me I cannot help but jump with excitement! When I look at what You have created, I dance with exuberance! You shine more brilliantly than the sun at it’s highest. You take my breath away. You captivate, inspire and woo me. I give You my everything, because You are worth it. MORE than worth it! You breathed the stars into being. You throw lightning. Your voice is louder than thunder. You are surrounded by a Holy Fire. Yet, at the same time as being all these, You are my Lover, my Father, my Peace, my Comfort, my Refuge. You are unfathomable! Unsearchable! Eternal! I cannot even comprehend Your nature, yet You love me anyways. WOW WOW WOW

Who is this God!? You died for ME?? One out of six billion people? a sinner? a blip on the timeline of the earth?

Why!? Because You love me. Because You knit me together in Mother’s womb. You made me in Your image. You said You do, and You do not lie.  Because You want me to be in Heaven with You forever. Because to You, I am worth it. You do not NEED me, You WANT me.


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